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  1. I upgraded my Aquatica D2X housing with the Aquaview viewfinder and am very happy with it. It does seem to impart a yellowish cast to the view but other than that is well worth the money for macro shooting. I'd be inclined to buy the 8" dome for its flexibility in the future should you add other lenses. I also use two DS-125 strobes and they work great . I think they are your best all round bet and usually can get away with only one charger since they charge so fast. Carrying an extra battery works OK too. I also recently added the STIX arms and found they did help the weight issue significantly. One other thing, definitely get the Ikelite connectors now available for the housing. The Nikonos ones I have are tempermental (they are an inferior connector) and I am getting them replaced with the Ikelite ones. The folks at Aquatica are very responsive to their customers and highly recommended. Cheers Steve
  2. One of my DS-125's rattles as you described. Mine started about 2 weeks after coming back from Ikelite warranty service. I have been using it as is for almost a year now and everything seems to work fine. Doesn't seem to be worth returning for repair but the noise is annoying.
  3. Anyone have a Nikon 70-180 they would like to sell?
  4. Thanks everybody for posting. I've decided to purchase the Aquatica rather than the Subal. I can't see any reason that the Subal should be twice the price. Cheers Steve
  5. Has anyone tried the Aquatica D2X housing UW yet? I have not heard anything since Jean's last postings in August. Any comments about the viewfinder as compared to the Seacam or Subal housing- are they worth the extra $. Thanks
  6. I wanted to share my thoughts on the Tom and Therisa Stack UW Photo Workshop in Key Largo for any other members considering it. I first heard about it on the Wetpixel banner ad and could find no other reviews. I attended from June 10-12. Despite lousy weather from a passing tropical storm, Tom and Therisa did a fantastic job. The format is AM diving and PM Photoshop work. I learned a considerable amount about UW Photoshop technique. They tailor the instruction to your particular skill level and offer a wealth of knowledge and experience. In addition, I found Tom and Therisa to be genuinely great people and a pleasure to dive and work with. I am planning on returning to their October workshop to continue my training and would encourage beginners or advanced UW shooters alike to take this workshop.
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