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    A field in Kent (That's Kent, England. Not Kent, Ohio, Oregon, Texas or Washington.)
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    Scuba diving, fotografy, extreme macrame (it's so much more fun than ironing!), travelling, cars, gardening (sorry!), my family unit, good food & wine. You know, the usual stuff.

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    Nikon D70
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    Sea & Sea DX-D70
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    2 x Sea & Sea YS90
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    Arms & stuff, and a nice case to put it in!
  1. Afternoon chaps and chapesses. A mate of mine has had a stack load of gear nicked from his house on Friday (12 Nov). He's not an underwater photographer, but someone may see it somewhere for sale etc and put two and two toegether. Was nicked in West Lothian, Scotland. If anyone hears about any of the stuff below, or sees it for sale or Fleabay or equivelant, please can they let me know through my profile? Many thanks. Jim Here's what got stolenized: Sony HDR-SR11E camcorder, can't tell which of these is the serial: P-02041960 s01-0511929-D POS Barcode – 4 905524488456 Cameras Canon 7D – serial number 1080700737 Canon 40D – serial number 0430102491 Lenses Canon EF 50mm f1.8 II – serial number 35332191 Canon EF 70-200mm f2.8 L USM IS – serial number 00496194 (this lens had a hoya UV filter on it) Canon EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 USM – serial number 52501194 (this lens had a hoya or jessops UV filter on it) Canon EF 100-400mm f4.5/5.6 L USM IS – serial number unknown as of yet. Canon did a cashback scheme and I sent the barcode with serial number to them. Am in the middle of tracking this down from the receipt. Accessories Canon Speedlite 430EX flash Canon BG-E2N battery grip – this was attached to the bottom of the Canon 40D camera, there were two batteries in it, one Canon and one unbranded. Canon BG-E7 battery grip – this was attached to the bottom of the Canon 7D camera, there were two batteries in it, one Canon and one Hahnel. Tracking the serial numbers down from the above from the receipts, no serials on boxes. Accessories - continued Hahnel HW 433 C80 Wireless Release (remote control for camera, I had broken the switch on the remote control and it was superglued so it couldn't move) Cokin filter holder, and adapter rings Cokin filters – Circular polariser, this was in a holder box, the box was broken. Cokin sunlight, soft and a couple of other filters. These filters were in one filter holder box, the box had slots to hold multiple filters. 2 x 8gb Sankisk Extreme memory cards – these were in each of the cameras 1 x 4gb Sandisk Extreme memory card (these were in a transparent plastic blue memory card holder) 1 x 2gb Jessops memory card (these were in the transparent plastic blue memory card holder) 2 x 1gb Jessops memory card (these were in the transparent plastic blue memory card holder)
  2. Hi Luke Thanks! We saw one oceanic white tip while diving, at Little Brother. It was only about 6-7ft long. It swam past us, but some distance away, near the surface. I know people have often seen 3 or 4 at the Brothers and also Elphinstone on a single dive, but from what I understand the sightings at Elphinstone are becoming less frequent, as there are now not only plenty of liveaboards going there but also day boats from the Marsa Alam area. I did 2 dives at Elphinstone and didn't see a shark of any description on either dive. We also saw a couple of oceanics on the surface at night meandering around the boat at the Brothers. I suspect it's very much luck of the draw with oceanics! Jim
  3. Hello all. Long time no errr... been here! Here's some piccies I took at St John's & Fury Shoals (pretty boring really) at the end of April. Hope you like them
  4. Well, I emailed Sea & Sea and they tell me that the D80 won't fit in the D70 housing, which is a bit of a bu66er Looks like I am stuck with the D70 until I win the lottery and can change housings
  5. As the title says, will it fit? Or do I need yet ANOTHER housing? Ta in advance...
  6. Hi Guys and Gals Long time no post! I have a couple of groups who have chartered the Galapagos Aggressors I & II in November 06, one group for a 7-nighter, one for a 11-nighter. Both groups are having trouble filling slots, and I am trying to see if I can get some more people together to make their life (and yours!) more enjoyable. The 7-nighter (Aggressor II) is from 16-23 November 2006, and the normal cost would be US $3095 a head. They have 9 so far, and need 5 more to fill the boat. IF we fill the boat with 5 more people then the rate would be $2650 a head. The 11-nighter (Aggressor II) is from 16-27 November 2006, and the normal cost would be US $4862 a head. They have only got about 5 so far, and need 9 more to fill the boat IF we fill the boat with 9 more people then the rate would be $3820 a head. On the case of this trip, we need 3 more to reduce the rate to $4255. If anyone is interested, please let me know. The costs are BOAT ONLY, and don't include a minimum of 2 nights accommodation in either Quito or Guayaquil, domestic flights or international flights. There are also National Park and ancillary fees totalling US $135 to pay locally. Both trips are going to Wolf & Darwin Islands. This time is still within the limits of whale shark season. I had a group on one of the boats in November 2004 and they saw 16 whale sharks in the week. I won't bore you all with the pros (lots!) and cons (none!) of the Galapagos as I am sure you all know what the diving is like there. Suffice it to say these are fabulous trips, and the 11 nighter would be a corker for those wanting to spend a little longer there. That's 9.5 days diving, as opposed to the normal 5.5 IF we fill the boats then all and sundry get very advantageous discounts over the normal rate! If anyone is interested please either PM me or email me on info @ scuba-safaris.com Thanks & regards Jim
  7. It's not for me - it's for a punter
  8. Who's the best operator in SA for the Sardine Run? Anyone got any recommendations?? Cheers Jim
  9. It lasted for about 3 days and then I ummm, well, sort of started getting headaches and nausea, and wasn't sleeping properly. So I had to start drinking heavily again. I'm much better now!
  10. Cheers Matt! Much appreciated! Yup, will be driving. Lots of nice roads en route and along the coast to Italy...!
  11. Hi Matt I saw the web site, and I emailed the spondy wotsit email address, but no reply yet! Do you know roughly how long it takes for them to decide when to annouce the show? I haven't been for about 8 years, so can't remember. Cheers
  12. I rather like this one. Big clownfish keeping an eye on likkle clownfish Taken in Fiji in November. But I also like this one too. Go on, you decide!
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