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  1. Looks great! Will there be Kindle/e-book version available? Markku
  2. Hi, ...none of my business, but actual price for new w/bulkhead is USD 399, not 499...
  3. Beautiful pics, thanks for sharing. I am heading to Solomons next year. Suggestions?
  4. Greetings from Finland. Amateur/novice UW photographer with various compact settings for a number of years. Now my present setup is Canon EOS D70 (w/ EF-S 60 mm macro, Tokina 10-17 wide) in Ikelite housing and two Ikelite DS 161 strobes. Looking for good advise and checking fabulous pictures/videos in this forum. Markku
  5. Hi, My present setup is Canon EOS D70 w/ EF-S 60 mm macro lens in Ikelite housing (w/ modular flat port). From my previous setup I have two Inon wet lenses ( UCL 330 and 165), and now found out that those could be attached to Ikelite modular flat port by using Subsee adapter. Does anyone have a combination like this, and if so, would it be a sensible "match". How much magnification would I achieve (approximately) with this combination and how close would the focus point be? Maybe too short, as 60 mm macro itself has closest focus point at 20 cm... Any experience would be appreciated, Markku
  6. What a wonderful video, thanks for showing it. I just recently got my new Canon D70, just learning how to use it, and havenĀ“t yet taken it underwater. Plans are Egypt (Tiran, Brothers) in July and Maldives (northern atolls) in early September. I really am interested in your video settings in D70. By standard profile (1,-3,-2,0), did you mean you had sharpness 1, contrast -3, saturation -2 and color tone 0? AF FlexiZone with servo? AWB/Manual? Any other suggestions? Thanks, Mjol
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