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    http://t.co/7Xp0F5MbC7 Azure Cloud Plugin For Elasticsearch http://t.co/0QtIRCv3dt might be late for @paulcarvill / @patrickvankann :)


    #Creators only need 1000 true #fans to make a living "The Technium: 1,000 True Fans" #art #startup #social http://t.co/tIsCnpOmr8


  3. .@peduarte are you planning to support drag events on wallop slider? I might use it on a website, I'll let you know! Thx

  4. "“I need to learn how to make this life work”" good video http://t.co/YeIQHeQLgV

  5. "38 Pet Photos to Amaze and Inspire You" good read http://t.co/kd8a3mLJTM

  6. "4 Marketing lessons to learn from the ALS "Ice Bucket Challenge"" by @aviredevil on @LinkedIn http://t.co/KVUmZeE5oD

  7. "6 Research-Backed Ways to Get More Followers on Twitter, Facebook, G+, and More" good read http://t.co/2CAFphQCLm

  8. "Aerospike Open Sources Their In-memory NoSQL Database" #nosql #databases http://t.co/1CrGL3CSbx

  9. "AppVeyor - A good continuous integration system is a joy to behold" good read http://t.co/bclQhUCX19

  10. "Mobile OS Market Share Since 2005" good read http://t.co/m4ATKWgwK6

  11. "See The Streets of New York, Captured Through an Arc of Fifty Lumia 1020 Smartphones - DIY Photography" good read http://t.co/pQiBfxuHsX

  12. "The 10 Most Important Tips For Decorating On A Tight Budget" good read http://t.co/em2EI8oras

  13. “1 Simple Reason why your Website Sucks” by @Lawfilm https://t.co/pH10i4j1wl

  14. “7 Reasons Why I Use InVision for Rapid Prototyping” by @mrjeremywells https://t.co/MLuQO319KH

  15. “Bootstrapped, Profitable, & Proud: We Transfer” by @Nalden https://t.co/7tIun5vmiF

  16. “Email Patterns for Web Apps” by @aytekintank https://t.co/naUnNH4MIL

  17. “Enjoying the luxury of low expectations and doing things that don’t scale.” by @MeetBeTweet https://t.co/loQ8X3NuSJ

  18. “Expected web design trends for 2014 ” by @redexperts https://t.co/cjtHLeNPwS

  19. “How to become someone worth talking to, or even better, worth talking about” by @SearchDecoder https://t.co/o7xrZc2Hsc

  20. “How we Went from Zero Audience to Over a Thousand Beta Signups” by @SDMattG https://t.co/Md5ynBTEIK

  21. “Lessons Learned Starting Two Software Products” by @SDMattG https://t.co/l3hxc1Gh8A

  22. “Photoshop is Dead: How to use Keynote with Font Awesome” by @davidjwoody https://t.co/b8X6CCuZHo

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