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  1. “Email Patterns for Web Apps” by @aytekintank https://t.co/naUnNH4MIL

  2. “Photoshop is Dead: How to use Keynote with Font Awesome” by @davidjwoody https://t.co/b8X6CCuZHo

  3. “Stop thinking in “Features”” by @NirBenita https://t.co/9beIPsrIJP

  4. “Using the Minimum Viable Canvas” by @santoshrajan https://t.co/9emt0FWxk5

  5. Given most startups fail, conventional wisdom sounds like a pretty bad path to follow.

  6. “Enjoying the luxury of low expectations and doing things that don’t scale.” by @MeetBeTweet https://t.co/loQ8X3NuSJ

  7. Bootstrapping a Lean Startup http://t.co/sxMlJ2mTU6

  8. An avg person is more powerful than a 15th century king. Eat regularly, fly across the country, have antibiotics & won't die from a scratch.

  9. “Tap that SaaS; 7 Growth Tips Your SaaS Startup Needs” by @snsmth https://t.co/sG2zs4myWJ

  10. What if the whole world stopped eating meat? @LV_Anderson on chaos and climate. via @slate http://t.co/xtu0apNRav

  11. Do you want to hunt wild animals in Africa for $9k? DON'T DO IT! http://t.co/KO23DaOVcP #savetheanimals via @angieBeltr

  12. RT @VisualStudio: Jerry Nixon announces the Developer’s Guide to Microsoft Prism 5.0 for WPF, Read about the new separated assemblies http:…

  13. 8 Visual Studio debugging tips – debug like a boss http://t.co/IDitWSffqi

  14. RT @tferriss: Hiring for a startup but don't know what fair compensation is? Here's a real-world salary and equity database: http://t.co/0g…

  15. Marchello: open source ecommerce for umbraco 7 http://t.co/7C3c6Xq6yj

  16. Why Trying to Be Perfect Won’t Help You Achieve Your Goals (And What Will)

  17. SAAS Ecom: Open Source billing and subscription management for .NET MVC 5 / Stripe http://t.co/2hr9ALYqHU via @pedropaf

  18. "38 Pet Photos to Amaze and Inspire You" good read http://t.co/kd8a3mLJTM

  19. RT @MSFTenterprise: Visualization brings #data to life: 25 million miles of air traffic in 2 mins http://t.co/XsCgFDouFd | @422South http:/…

  20. RT @lukew: No more drop-down menus"The concept first appeared when we started designing mobile first"https://t.co/rNKhq7CEOJ http://t.co/…

  21. AWS Elastic Beanstalk for Docker http://t.co/XWxe3WQ8Go

  22. Best Web Designing Frameworks for 2014 http://t.co/cS68uq0rj3

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