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    Olympus OM-D E-M1
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    Nauticam EM1
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    Sea & Sea YS-01
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  1. Same for me. 12-50 is working fine in the 4" semidome throughout the range. It works with a diopter as well for the small stuff.
  2. I have the 12-50mm, 60mm macro and 9-18mm wide and only one port: The 4" semidome which fits all of them. With a couple of 3D printed zoomgears (I bought the "austrian gear") and the diopter flipholder, you are all set to go (optionally add a +2 dry diopter to the 9-18mm for added corner sharpness). It works like a charm and I don't miss the macro-mode on the 12-50mm at all. Having only one port for these 3 lenses saves money and more importantly: Travel weight. There is a discussion about this setup elsewhere in these forum which convinced me to go for this. PS. Why would you want to use the 14-42mm if you have the 12-50mm? EDIT: Ah sorry - I realised too late, that you already bought a setup.
  3. Lobster found in 'Gullmarsfjorden' high on the Swedish west coast (Skagerrak). The picture is taken at about 30 meters depth in an area where Troll lobsters (Galathea strigosa) are common, but this one has very different claws and lacks the blue eyes and blue lines on the carapace. Anyone know what it is?
  4. Hi, I've been an enthusiastic photographer with my Nikon P7100 in a Fantasea housing for the past couple of years, and decided to upgrade. I now own an Oly OM-D E-M1 and eagerly wait for my Nauticam housing and 4" port to arrive.
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