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  1. hi, was wondering what a good arm length combination is for a single D-2000 strobe using a oly c-7070. i like the ultralight double arm configuration. i'll be shooting mainly macro but would like the flexibility to shoot some wide angle. i was thinking an 8" and 5". is that overkill? maybe two 5'? andy
  2. i guess i will need the weinrich bulkhead converter. has anyone had any experience with this and the DS-51?
  3. anyone have any recommendations for a ttl converter for an oly pt-027 housing to and inon or ikelite strobe? i'm in the process of researching my first strobe system. thanks, andy
  4. thanks for the replies. i'm going to look further into ikelite and inon strobes with a ttl converter for my oly housing.
  5. considering my complete lack of knowledge and experience on this subject, i've decided to opt for the housed olympus strobe to allow for full TTL. every other option is just too pricey or not worth it. i'll let you know how it goes. andy
  6. hi there, i am looking to take my first foray into the world of external strobes. i mainly shoot macro so lots of power is not an issue right now. although i may want to do wider shots later, the sea&sea rep said that a YS-25 is all i really need for macro stuff. since i don't have alot of money to spend, i'm leaning towards this strobe. although i have a few questions: 1. is there a way to get this strobe to work in TTL? 2. are there going to be difficulties with this strobe as a slave? 3. does anyone have any experience with this strobe and the c-7070? 4. is there another similar strobe that would be easier to use in TTL? i looked at the the olympus strobes but am shying away because underwater strobe use seems to be an afterthought by olympus. i look forward to your thoughts. andy
  7. well this community is not very helpful. i've asked three questions on this forum with zero response. for those that have the same problem, check out digitaldiver.net. i was responsed to within minutes of my first post. very helpul and responsive people over there.
  8. i'm a hobbyist and probably know enough to be dangerous (to myself that is). I've scoured the web for some help concerning using elements (i have 4.0) to process underwater photos. i'm specifically interested in: coverting from raw digital workflow using curves and/or levels sharpening can anyone point me to a good all-around resource? i'm trying to find info specific to underwater photos. thanks for the help, andy
  9. i've read that the raw converter that is bundled with the camera is crap due to inability to make many changes. can anyone recommend a decent raw coverter that will work for this camera for <$100? i thought about using PS Elements 3.0, but read that it is not as efficient as processing in a native RAW environment. i currently own elements 2.0. maybe it would be wiser to spend the money on Capture One LE? any opinions?
  10. i just purchased a c-7070 and will be taking photos with no strobe for now. so i guess i will be dealing mainly with macro stuff to avoid backscatter. anyway, i have so many questions. i have a basic knowledge of landscape/nature photography but am really deficient concerning photo processing and settings for underwater photography with no strobes (can't afford atm). i am also particularly interested in shooting RAW but am woefully deficient concering the knowledge to process these images. i am enrolled to take the PADI course but the course has a bent towards film photography and seems a little dated. anyway, here are a few of my questions. 1. where can i find a tutorial concerning settings for my camera without strobes? 2. where can i find a tutorial for processing? i know some basics such as setting white, gray, and black points but really don't understand what i'm doing. i'd like to avoid photoshop due to the price tag and i'm not interested in spending oodles of time tweaking my photos (i am no professional and don't plan on becoming one). 3. what's a good RAW converter for the C-7070? i've read that the bundled converter is crap. i've also heard that photoshop elements 3.0 does not work in the "native" RAW environment. CaptureOne Pro is too pricey. in summary, i'm a newb, i feel overwhelmed, and would appreciate any help concerning how to get started taking decent underwater photos. thanks in advance, andy
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