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  1. Still nothing. My last contact with any of the "organizers" was on April 8th. Still lots of others haven't been paid yet either. Does anyone know anything about hiring a lawyer to deal with this situation? Or are there any other ways around this? I am completely lost when it comes to these type of things...
  2. Wow... what a shame. I didn't know it was this bad. I talked to my guide and apparently he got taxed quite a bit as well. I'll visit the Facebook page and check it out. Is there anything that can be done?
  3. Im writing in the forums to ask of anyone else who placed in the IWUPC contest has received their prizes yet? My dive guide has already gotten his prize months ago, and I have been in contact with the organizers to arrange getting the prize but each time I email them they say they will look into it and I never hear back from them until weeks later after I send another email. Then the process repeats again.
  4. Hi everyone, Longtime lurker, but I am here to post now!
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