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  1. Ok. I have been to grand and little cayman, cozumel multiple times, Turks and caicos multiple times. Just got back from my first pacific and liveaboard trip to palau on the palau aggressor. Unbelievable! I like big action and a mixture of macro creatures wouldn't hurt.. but like the big stuff better. I am having a hard time planning my next trip. Preferrable liveaboard. Any recommendations that would top Palau would be greatly appreciated. I think Palau spoiled me, so I don't think I could go back to the Caribbean. I'm considerind the galapagos but don't have experience in cold water diving, thicker wetsuits etc... Idealy I would like a photo friendly place that I could see whale sharks, giant mantas, hammerheads, tigersharks, etc.. if only a place exists. Any suggestions? Thanks, Gianster
  2. I cannot for the life of me print out what I see on screen. Every image is darker than on screen. I have tried Icm off no color correction, Abobe RGB, Epson standard, Color profile for the paper I'm using. Every print is darker. Can Somebody please help me?
  3. Hi All, I am wanting to purchase a zoom as I already have a 10.5mm and 16mm FE for D70. Can't seem to get close enough to reef sharks with above lenses for descent images. What would be the better of the two for non feeding single shark moments when they don't actually bump in to you? The 17-35mm is about $500 more but not as wide as the 12-24mm. Is the 17-35mm $500 better than the 12-24 in optical quality? Any comments on the differences would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Gianni
  4. A couple of shots with the 10.5mm at West Caicos for the 1st time. What do you think?
  5. Hello, What metering mode do most people shoot with wide angle and or macro. Matrix, Center Weighted, or Spot if using Ike ITTL? I used Spot for Macro and worked quite well but now am going to try Wide angle this coming trip. Any suggetions? Thanks Gianni
  6. I was wondering the same thing. I can't decide between the two. Anyone out there have experience with these? Anyone?
  7. Hi William, Nice website. Do you ever use strobes with the magic filter. I know the shots would look bad at first but I guess if you shoot raw you could WB with PS. Or is it best not to use strobes at all. I have seen a lot of pics with the filter and am convinced that it would take a lot of time and practice for good shots that I don't have the patience for.
  8. Rocha, I didn't see your post before. You can use this lense without a filter? The manual says it requires a filter at all times. There is one on the lense when purchased. I will take it off and see what happens. Thanks
  9. I'm sorry. I should of added that I will be using dual strobes. I really don't want to try available light shots just yet. The lense requires a filter at all times. I have thought about the magic filters but don't want to white balance everytime I want to take a shot.
  10. Just bought a 16mm Fisheye for Nikon D70. It comes with 4 different filters. Does anybody use any of the filters other than the one that is already on the lense when purchased?
  11. Sorry for hijacking this thread. But since we are talking wide angle here. Any thoughts on Sigma 15 vs. Nikon 16? Is one better than the other as far as sharpness or easy focus?
  12. Thanks Karl. Saw those shots on your website which is very very nice by the way, unbelievable photos. I was in the T&Cs 2 years ago but with an oly 5050 no strobes and now have a better setup w/ the D70 and dual DS125s so I am excited to return. I think I'll bring the 60m and purchase a woodys D for macro, the 10.5 for experimenting, and am contiplating on purchasing a 16m to use if the sharks look too far away with the 10.5. Will post some pics when I get back. And then probably purchase a 105m as per Alex's recommendations then some diopters then a 12-24 for better shark pics and then a D200 and then...........God I have a problem.
  13. Headed to Provo next month. Will be diving only West Caicos and French Key. Have 60mm and 10.5 fe. Never shot with the 10.5 fe as just purchased. I'll want to shoot mostly WA. Should I look for something in the middle of the road for the shark action or will I be OK with the 10.5? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Gianni
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