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  1. what about price for: MDX-7 housing dome port (has external scratch) macro port 2 extension rings zoom gears and shipping to italy? i already have camera and lenses and strobe/arms/clamp...only thinking about a back ups housing... let me know thanks -emilio-
  2. Hi! please could u tell us which items are still available? thanks a lot
  3. hi daniel! i'm quite interested in some of your equipment: nd-7 + vacuum system 180┬░viewfinder zoom gear for tokina 10-17 acrilic dome for tokina port base compact port 50 estenzion ring 20 +lock (this way i can manage to fit canon 60 o canon 100mm..isn't it?) all ultrilight arm/clamp set you post i don't know if the housing could "accept" normal fiber optic...if i need nauticam fiber optic you post: let's add it (i already have two inon z240 IV type) i have a hugyfot set..but i'm thinking of changing so let me know what could be a good price to you...sending everything form belgium to milan - italy Waiting for private message, thanks a lot greeting from milan - Emilio-
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