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  1. Hello everyone, I also looked into this as I own an A7R4 and an A7S3 and the best answer I found was to finally get the Nauticam A1 housing, with the camera holder for the A7S iii. The biggest camera is the A1. Nauticam offers a camera holder for the A7S iii so perfectly fit, and the A7R4 fit also with it but is slimer so you just need to put some ducktape for using 4 back buttons and it is fully functional. At final, it is a bit more expensive but fully compatible. A dream: one housing for 3 Sony cameras, I hope the information will be useful to some.
  2. Hello Ichtyologist, I am looking for the same, did you find a good solution? When I was on A7S ii i used this battery than could be insert in the trigger flash location https://www.backscatter.com/reviews/post/Nauticam-A7II-UnderwaterExternal-Battery-Pack. With this one I could dive for up to 5 hours, and use it for long rebreather dives, but I didn't found any replacement for my A7S iii. I keeep my post uploaded if I found something good
  3. Hi everyone. My name is Kevin Peyrusse and I live in Marseille, South of France. Always passionate about the complexity and richness of marine ecosystems, I first studied marine biology and worked on coral fish larvae in Polynesia, before becoming, over the years, an underwater cinematographer and a wildlife film director. I am convinced that the beauty revealed by the images attracts the eye, arouses curiosity and helps to better understand, becoming a very effective tool for science communication and raising awareness of the dire straits of the natural world. I started to film 8 years ago and we did an independent movie Eqalusuaq – On the trail of the Hidden Predators, followed the adventure in Alaska of two free divers and photographers looking for salmon sharks. After this great first experience I had the pleasure to work for international documentary channels (Arte, National Geographic, BBC) and some prestigious recent diving expeditions, from the cool waters of the Arctic to incredibly biodiverse tropical waters (Under The Pole, Gombessa). I am constantly looking for efficient and effective tools in order to improve the quality and originality of the shots. I started freedive when I was a child but but now I am using a rebreather each time I can approach animals without bubbles and be able to be really close to them. During these years, I tried many competing housing brands, but since the beginning, it is Nauticam with whom I equipped all my personal cameras. I am filming with a RED Dragon, a Blackmagic Pocket 6K and an A7Siii. Nauticam remains the only one to offer the possibility of using different brands of video and photo cameras with the same set of domes and that's an essential point for me during a remote expedition. Here is a quick video summary: https://vimeo.com/406574387 I learned a lot on this forum and with great underwater photographers advises, now I would like to be more active, share informations and interesting tips with community, mainly about material and techniques. Can wait to tchat with you, Kévin
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