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  1. Hi I have Nauticam D500 which is 9.4'' height and 13.7'' width. no hard case or soft case is enough for this. So when I traveled from Israel to Mexico, I just carried housing with the 9'' heavy glass dome with a weapon strap. camera in the housing there are no rules for camera weight when it's on you. 5 flights, Internal and Trans Atlantic. no one ask any question. I just padded the dome with thick bubbles nylon it's ok only when you go directly to diving safari. not recommended for long trip
  2. Hi I use Nikon D500 in Nauticam housing. (currently use fiber only) I had enough of Burned-out bulb in my Sea&Sea YS-D1 (Last time - in the first day in Socorro islands) I can get the Inon Z-330 and the Iklite DS-160 for the same price. Do you think that the bulky DS-160 have any advantage of the Z330? (except the 2ms faster recycle time) Thanks, Hezi
  3. Hi I use Nikon D500 in Nauticam NA-500 with Nauticam TTL converter installed and fiber optic cable to the YS-D1 I decide to try to work in manual mode on the strobe I noticed that it can work with pre-flash only. it that true or I'm doing something wrong Thanks, Hezi
  4. Hi I use the Sanyo Eneloop XX which are great. I want to order new spare batteries. Should I buy the Sanyo or the Panasonic? I know understand that they have new batteries. Thanks, Hezi
  5. You can just buy a regular optical fiber cable http://www.dx.com/p/premium-digital-optical-fiber-optic-toslink-audio-cable-black-1-5m-length-48942#.VQV4v47ke8w works great the plug fix the Sea&Sea strobes but you can cut it and add other plugs
  6. Hi, Are you sure get the same magnification? OK, You get closer to the subject but you can get closer with the flat port and get even better magnification. I asked this question before buying the port and I got the information that for 60mm the flat port is better then the dome.
  7. Hi Phil, You right. But Nauticam will not make the trigger for the NA-EM5 or in my case, NA-EM1 So it is not an option for us. I hope I will get one of the Hedwig LED solution, don't know where to buy.
  8. Hi Phil first, this is a great picture. i know haw small they are... I think I will buy the flat 65 port for the 60mm&12-50 and later add the 9-18 mm or maybe 7-14 with the dome port (after I will try it with other friends ports) thanks you Hezi
  9. one more question for peoples that own both the 12-50 and 9-18 how often do you use the 12-50 9-18 is not too wide and sound food for general dive just wondering what do you use most
  10. Thanks for you replay And I understand that you can't switch to macro on the 12-50 during the dive
  11. Hi I decide to buy the Olympus OM-D E-M5 with the Nauticam NA-EM5 Housing. The first lens will be the 12-50 (will add more lens later when I will have the budget. The 60 mm will be the first) My dilemma is about the port. Those are the option I saw on the net. 1.Port 65 For Olympus 60mm for 300 $ Can be use for the 12-50 too. But I will need to add the Nauticam Zoom Gear for Olympus 12-50mm Lens 550 $ And the Nauticam Focus Gear For Olympus 60mm for the manuel focus 170$ The thread is 67 mm so I can add a diopter directly Totally 1,020$ 2. Nauticam 12-50mm port and zoom ring kit 800$ That’s include the zoom gear and I can switch to macro during the dive. The thread is 77 mm so I need the Nauticam Flip Diopter Holder for M77 Macro Port 260$ But I can add any 77 to 67 thread my question is about manuel focus with the 60mm in this port will I be able to do it or I need the Nauticam Focus Gear For Olympus 60mm here too? 3. Nauticam 4" Wide Angle Port for Olympus 9-18mm 480$ This one fit the 12-50, 60 and 9-18mm But not sure if there is a zoom gear for the 12-50 with port or if you can attach a diopter. Thanks, Hezi Shohat
  12. Hi all I'm Hezi from Israel Dive mostly in the Red sea more then 3,000 dives over 24 years use the Canon S120 with Ikelite housing and Epoque ES-230DS strobe
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