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  1. hallo fabian hättest du doch dieses system 3 monate früher online gestellt! habe mir aus finanziellen gründen eine rx-100 ii mit nauticam gehäuse gekauft. doch das wäre jetzt schon ein super angebot und dann noch in der schweiz, kein zoll, kein versand... schadeschade! lg yannick
  2. hi, still interested, how much would be shipping to switzerland? regards
  3. hi, would you also post to switzerland? regards
  4. would you sell the UCL seperatly? if yes, what would be the price?
  5. Hi, did you already get any offers for the hole set?
  6. Hi, if you consider splitting, i would be interested to take the strobes. Regards
  7. Hi, i would also be interested in the 2x Inon strobes.
  8. have a look at this one. seems to be still available... http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=53883&do=findComment&comment=352060
  9. hi andreas, would you sell the sola 1200 separately? if yes what would be the price?
  10. The Panasonic Lumix G Vario 7-14mm might be an option.
  11. again thanks for all the replies! well i sometimes print 750mm x 1000mm and i'm quite happy whit the results when i use my nikon which has an aps-c sensor. @Phil Rudin. you're right, the comparison might be a little wrong. the oly brings some features which the sony can hardly beat and also the built quality is much higher, not forgetting the price. @Jock. thats one of the main reasons why i would love the e-m1 and also the built in image stabilizer is a nice feature. for me it wouldn't be a question if the oly had a bigger sensor thats the only point which speaks against it but still a important one. does any one of you use one of those cams?
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