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  1. On switching from the Nikon to Canon version of the 160D, I believe it is built in from the start. It is one of the options when scrolling through the "Set" menu. There should be no need to get different firmware.
  2. It's like Simon says. The Saga adaptor for the WACP on Seacam is the same. Bayonet mount that rotates into closed setting and then the vacuum will prevent it from rotating back to the open position.
  3. Perhaps I'm missing something, but I think you might be misinterpreting those asterisks in the port chart. They only exist when Nauticam is suggesting two possible combinations of ports (two version of WACP-1) and port extensions. In this, they just indicate for a particular lens which combination they feel is optically better. The asterisk, as far as I can tell, is not meant to say which lens will work better with the WACP-1. I think the lenses without ambiguous port extension choices may have better performance. But maybe I'm missing something.
  4. I was there a little less than 4 weeks ago. It was still an arch then, but the guide told us it might not be in a number of years. but I don't remember him saying weeks. Jon
  5. Yes, the Superdome works very well with the 8-15mm. It takes a 20mm extension ring. It's best to have a Superdome that has removable shades. All of the newer ones do.
  6. Hi Adam, Thank you for the reply and advice. I will contact SAGA to make the adapter purchase. I do have the 10-17 Tokina ring. My 28-70 mm has not yet arrived but looking at pictures of it and comparing it to a 18mm Nikkor for which I have a focus ring, it looks like that may be a good fit. Jon
  7. I am planning to get a WACP-1 for use with my Seacam D850 housing and have a couple of questions I hope someone can answer, probably Adam. I will be using it with a Nikon AF Nikkor 28-70mm f/3.5-4.5D lens, but do also have an older Nikon AF Nikkor 28 mm f/2.8D and hope to have a setup that can use either. I understand that I can get an adapter from Saga to connect the WACP but I am wondering do you use an extension ring with the WACP setup on Seacam? I notice that Nauticam recommend a 35 mm extension ring on their chart from the WACP and the 28-70mm lens. Will it work with the Saga adapter connecting a Seacam extension ring to the WACP? And is 35mm the best extension ring length on Seacam as it is on Nauticam. Also what zoom gear what with the 28-70mm f/3.5-4.5D? Does Seacam offer one that will work? Thank you, Jon Walwick
  8. I have used a pair of 250D strobes for 14 years and have the circuit mentioned in that box on p.24 in my housings, which use S6. I think the extra wire allows the left strobe to communicate to the right strobe. When I leave the right strobe on TTL it fires at whatever manual setting I set on the left strobe, not TTL. It is very handy to be able to manually change the power on both strobes with one switch. My guess is the extra wiring allows the left strobe to become the master of the right strobe. BTW, should you get one of the new 160D strobes it will arrive set for Nikon (as factory default). You have to change the setting to switch it to Canon. I know someone who is a Canon shooter and got his new strobe, set to Nikon, and thought the order was a mistake because he didn't read the manual through to learn about the ability to switch. I watched a very nice video from last year's DEMA on this site with Harald Hordosch describing all of the features of the 160D, which is where I learned about the feature. I admit I'm also not a manual reader. I am anxious to get my pair of 160Ds wet. They are an excellent product.
  9. There is a setting on the 160D to switch between Nikon and Canon rather than the strobe detecting which is needed. I believe N also uses 6 wires.
  10. Have you seen the review of the ONEUW 160X? https://wetpixel.com/articles/field-review-oneuw-160x-strobe-by-alex-mustard The feature set for the Seacam 160D is very similar, with accessories such as a diffusor already available when it ships, which should be any day now. https://wetpixel.com/articles/seacam-announces-seaflash-160-strobe
  11. Except Alex Mustard posted this in another thread about adaptors for Nauticam ports on Subal housings: I regularly use Nauticam ports (including the WACP) on my Subal housings (type 4 ports) - I use an adaptor from Saga
  12. I am also interested in a WACP adaptor for Seacam housings. Saga has already made one for Subal. Perhaps they can do the same for Seacam if Seacam doesn't make one themselves.
  13. If you have a subscription, I suspect you forgot your password. I have Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop running on two computers without any problems or difficulty. If I have a problem, I have no doubt that I can call Adobe support and get the problem sorted, even if it takes a couple of hours on the phone. On earlier versions they helped me get discounts that I'm not entirely sure I was entitled to. Adobe is still pretty decent, they are not Google and for what you get their prices are reasonable.
  14. The Hotshoe connecter may look the same, but I think the way the two stobe bulkheads are wired is different in the Seacam. I have two 250s and use them in TTL mode. Seacam instructions are to set one of the strobes on Auto, and use the other to change settings from manual (any setting of the 12 there are) to TTL. The one strobe where I change settings is acting as the controller and the second (set to Auto) is following the same power settings. I think this is controlled by the wiring between the two bulkheads inside the housing. Stephen Frink would know for sure how it works. This feature is great since I can change between power settings on two strobes with a single switch. I can also set two different power levels for unequal lighting by changing the second strobe from Auto to a manual power setting. It should be possible to replace your Subal wiring with Seacam wiring to make it work the same as a Seacam housing. Although, that adds another expense. I do love my Seacam strobes. Cheers, Jon
  15. The Nauticam website links to a PDF (look on the extension rings page) that demonstrates how the extension rings attach to dome ports. There is a locking mechanism in the extension to connect it to the port securely. The other observation/question I would have is that it looks to me that extension rings cannot be shared between macro and dome parts.
  16. Thanks everyone for the responses. I should clarify that we fly from Seattle to Narita (Tokyo) on United, then AirNuigini to POM and Alotau. On United we have no problems, one carry on plus personal bag like a computer bag. It sounds from the responses that we won't be challenged at all POM to Alotau and since our bags are checked from Seattle through to POM, it looks like we only may be bothered when boarding AirNuigini in Narita. Thanks again everyone. Jon
  17. Hi all, I am travelling to Tawali Resort in PNG this October. The group leader informed us that Air Nuigini has a carry-on limit of one 12 lb. bag and no personal bag in addition to that. She has tried to find out how strictly this is enforced but has only been able to get 'official line' sort of answers that it is strictly enforced. I know that most photographers with housed SLR systems routinely carry-on 40 lbs or more. Does anyone have recent experience with Air Nuigini and know if they actually enforce the 12 ob. carry-on limit. I like to travel with a standard roller carry-on (Porter Case) and a Think Tank Urban Disguise computer/camera bag and don't want to lose them at Narita or Port Moresby when we transfer to Air Nuigini. thanks in advance for any advice, Jon Walwick
  18. Hi Martin and all, I notice in Martin's list Jon is confirmed. If that's not me already, please add me for both days. We should let Rick from Bandito know that Eric is particularly interested in Octos. Cheers, Jon Walwick
  19. On a PC it is easy to rename files from the command prompt. The following command will append "Yap_" to every file in a directory: ren *.* Yap_*.* This would change a file named dsc_001.jpg to Yap_dsc_001.jpg. If you're not at all familiar with the command prompt, you will want to know the command "cd" to change directories. cd "c:\My Pictures" will change to the "My Pictures" directory. No need to download an app, this is built into Windows.
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