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  1. 20230529_165021.thumb.jpg.e84920fa961d9326fcb3644220831d76.jpg

    Preferably i would sell the whole kit as in the first photo for 3700 Euro. Everything matches and it took me quite some years to erfect and collect that kit. I did video (lights already sold) and  mainly photo, hence the GH4 combo. All lenses and ports are great for any micro four thirds camera. I can also sell items seperatly, included in the kit price would be:

    -Housing GH4 Nauticam with vacuum valve and pump and spare o rings: 900 Euro

    - 2x Inon Z240 Type 4 with -0,5 white diffusers, fibreoptic cables, ultralight ball adapters, neopren cover, backup o ring (sitting inside lid), Inon grease and big dials for cold water optional: 650 Euro

    -Nauticam 6"port for 7-14mm Lumix Vario, no scratches on glass, weight glued to domeshade for neutral buoyancy can be removed.spare o ring+grease, neopren cover + 7-14mm Vario lens as new (with filter holder at the rear, i bought spare one for the Lumix fisheye and replaced the original cap with it, which i will also send you)+magic filter CM1 : 880 Euro

    -Nauticam 4.33"dome port acrylic no scratches, neopren cover +matching lens Lumix 8mm Fisheye as new +magic filter CM1 for rear lens holder: 650 Euro

    -Nauticam Macro port 65 no scratches + Olympus 60mm 1:2.8MACRO: 450Euro

    -Olympus 14-42mm 1:3.5-5.6 2R + Nauticam zoom gear, this lens fits into the macro port 65: 200 Euro -GH4 body, used but clean sensor with 2 batteries (1 not original Panasonic) and charger: 350 Euro

    -Ultralight 2x 5inch double ball arm, 2 x 8inch double ball arm, 8Stix floats for arms, 6x ultralight clamps, new style: 250 Euro

    -Pelicase, fits camera, batteries and the 4 above lenses, keeps humidity out in tropics: 40Euro

    - F stop photo bag; fits all gear except camera and lenses, i carried those in the pelicase. also included in the kit is the Olympus 40-150mm 1:4-5.6R ED, MSC for topside photography an inexpensive zoom lens.

    -ultralight tripod clamp : 30Euro

    -hot shoe ball adapter, i attached my focus light here on the housing hotshoe

    The subsee flip diopter  as seen in the kit photo was already sold seperatly and is NOT included.










  2. I am selling my Keldan 4X Flux lights with 7000 Lumen each. (Model-Nr. 1025). The sale includes:

    2x Keldan 4X Lights

    2x Original Batteries

    2x Original Charger

    The lamps have been retro-fitted with ball-mount clamps. The lamps are in very good condition but have some small scratches on the front glass, which are not at all detectable in the light beam. Batteries are fine and still hold a full charge. more info 

    Price new for the 2 lights: EUR 2.330,

    -- Asking for EUR 1.200,--





  3. Thanks Peterbkk and Scubabob for explaining your settings with the GH4.

    I come from photo (www.joergblessing.com) and switched to the GH4 to learn video as well.

    I read up as much as I found online, but am still struggling with producing good footage.


    Would be supernice if anyone could help with a few questions:


    • Peterbkk states f2.8 as starting point for shooting in M mode. I learned that with video I should double framerate to get my shutter speed (trying 30p and 60p for now). So I can only adjust ISO and Aperture, right? On photo I start off for wide-angle on f8 to get enough depth of field. My 7-14mm has only f4 but isn't that difficult to get things in focus. especially with a lens at f2.8 ???
    • To keep shutter speed/framerate ratio, isn't it useful to use shutter angle (set to180°) instead of shutter speed, so the ratio always sticks. (Under "SS / Gain Operation" in video menu) even when changing framerate??
    • Which metering mode works good for video underwater? Center weighted? Of course this only relevant when we use S or A video mode.
    • ​I use backbutton focus as described by Scubabob quite happily in my Nauticam housing as I´m used to it for photo. Is it generally best to just prefocus or does CAF or even tracking work well with fast moving animals like mantas etc..???
    • Magic Filter and custom WB with slate underwater or more success with Peterbkk´s method ??

    Thanks to anyone who finds the time to answer some of those questions or for any other GH4 video tips!!



  4. Hi Wetpixel members,


    due to system change to video, I sell my used Nauticam Housing NA-EM1 for the Olympus OM-D E-M1.

    The housing has never been flooded and is functional and waterproof.


    I have always rinsed and soaked it well, but it has done quite some diving and the rubber on the handles has some cosmetically damage (doesn't really matter when holding, see photo). The "Mode" dial has some damage on the rubber inside the housing (see photo). The "Mode dial"rubber can be fixed by yourself with some rubber and glue or you could order the part from Nauticam (if they sell parts) or send it for service. At the moment the dial doesn't get very good grip with the camera dial.


    Leak detector working.


    Otherwise all buttons are fine and its a great housing with back button focus possibility.


    All my photos on www.joergblessing.com have been taken with this housing and it was 100% reliable.


    Housing comes with Handles(see photo), Manual, Spare O-Ring (Main O ring), Nauticam Grease, Warranty form.

    No Port or vacuum.


    Price 900 Euro

    contact: blessingjoerg@gmail.com


    Housing is in Germany, can ship international, payment by transfer/ Pay Pal /direct pickup









  5. Dera Wetpixelreaders,


    my name is Joerg, i am a Diveguide and Instructor in the Maldives. As i´m getting more serious into UW Photo i started to read about wet pixel.I just bought the Olympus OMD EM 1in a Nauticam housing and can share my experience with it soon.



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