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  1. I have a brand new VF45 x1.2, still in original box, never used, never been installed onto any housing. USD900 obo.
  2. Here is the list of dSLR UWP items for sale: Ikelite system: 1. 8 inch dome port assembly 5510.45 (purchased in Nov 2012, used 45 dives) - MSRP $399.95 Price $300 obo 2. Superwide port body 5510.11 (Nov 2012, 45 dives) - MSRP $125 Price $90 obo 3. Flat port 2.5 to 3.5" for Canon 60mm Macro lens 5502 (March 2014, 24 dives) - MSRP $125 Price $90 obo 4. Housing for Canon 7D 6871.07 (Nov 2012, used 45 dives) - MSRP $1499 Price $500 obo 5. Substrobe DS-160 with EV Control, single TLL sync cord, smart charging system, arms and ball joints 3944.91 (Original Ni-MH battery is not included MSRP about $199.95) - MSRP $1139.95 Price $600 obo 6. Substrobe DS-160 with Ni-MH battery 4060.1 (March 2014, 24 dives) - MSRP $950 Price &500 obo 7. Dual TLL digital sync cord for Ikelite strobes 4103.52 (March 2014, 24 dives) - MSRP $159.95 Price $120 8. Dual TLL digital sync cord for Sea&Sea or Inon strobes 4118.2 (June 2014,15 dives) MSRP $179.95 Price $135 9. Reefnet snoot with two tips, brand new (Jan 2015, never used) MSRP $300 Price $150 All items are kept in excellent condition in the original boxes with receipts (except for few). Free shipping to US. Split shipping international. Kit
  3. If you are still looking for Ikelite strobe, I have a pair of DS 160 in great condition. Used less than 30 dives each. Please let me know if interested. Can send you pictures and details.
  4. Will you consider selling everything except the camera body, camera accessory, and the three lenses? I already own all of that except for the Aquatica setup? Thank you.
  5. Do you have any lens, ports, etc that come with the set up too?
  6. Everything looks good, except the tray handles show sign of use.
  7. 1 more picture. I tried to upload more but the system is acting weird...
  8. Hello, I have the following items (the cost in USD, NOT my asking price!) Ikelite housing for 7D IKE 6871.07 (1,499.95) Ikelite 8" dome port. IKE 5510-45 (399.95) Ikelite super wide port body for 8" dome port and housing. IKE 5510.11 (125.00) Ikelite SLR flat port 2.5-3.5 inch IKE 5502. (125) In awesome condition, never flooded. They were used on one dive trip only recently (38 dives total). I found put the hard way that this set up is too heavy for me since I am 5' 2" 105lb. I am looking for something simpler and lighter. I bought everything brand new from bluewaterphoto.com, feel free to check out the items and cost in store. If interested, I have photos to show, and we can start negotiating the price. Thank you so much.
  9. Hello, I am looking for a used housing for canon 7D, prefer Sea&sea. If you have one for sale, or if you are contemplating selling yours, please let me know. Thanks.
  10. Aloha, I am a long time Hawaii resident, have been free diving and Scuba diving for quite some times. I just decided to get serious on UW photography. There's very minimal UWP community here on island, unless you are part of the scientists group. I signed up onto this forum bcuz I want to read and hear more about other UWP enthusiasts' advise and experience. I learned the hard way that my existing housing and set up is too big for my hand...hence I need to look for an ergonomic setup that allows me to get the right exposure, setting, and lighting without compromising the time and momentum. I look forward to talking with you all soon.
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