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  1. Tks Tightline , fforbes !! I am now in Tubbataha reef !! And do the season there ! That's a nice place to work ! dives are great and summer is on !! So far, so good !! Cheers !
  2. Tiff_DSC7168 by Jojolcuisto, on Flickr Tiff_DSC7140 by Jojolcuisto, on Flickr
  3. _DSC6410-Modifier-Modifier by Jojolcuisto, on Flickr Tiff_DSC7137-Modifier by Jojolcuisto, on Flickr Tiff_DSC5509 by Jojolcuisto, on Flickr Tiff_DSC5504 by Jojolcuisto, on Flickr
  4. Few last ones for the road : _DSC6213 by Jojolcuisto, on Flickr Tiff_DSC5997 by Jojolcuisto, on Flickr Tiff_DSC5910 by Jojolcuisto, on Flickr Tiff_DSC5528 by Jojolcuisto, on Flickr Tiff_DSC5566 by Jojolcuisto, on Flickr Tiff_DSC5580 by Jojolcuisto, on Flickr
  5. If anybody wants to see more... I temporary hosted them on a page of my website. http://www.j-ternoy.com/#!seadoors/c11yn
  6. Hi there !! Just wanted to share a few pictures from my last trip in visayas with the Seadoors Liveaboard. Here is an idea of our trip : VISAYAS_Leyte_Caminguin_map by Jojolcuisto, on Flickr This is not my first trip on the Seadoor, so i will pass the part explaining about the boat, the atmosphere... Etc... You can have an idea about it HERE I also made another trip in visayas a while ago : HERE There is no change at all... Service on the boat is really good, friendly staff, excellent dives !! A really good mix !! From the smallest critter to biggest creature in nice and healthy coral garden !! _DSC5856 by Jojolcuisto, on Flickr Tiff_DSC7721 by Jojolcuisto, on Flickr Tiff_DSC5649 by Jojolcuisto, on Flickr Tiff_DSC7050 by Jojolcuisto, on Flickr _DSC6217 by Jojolcuisto, on Flickr [/url]Tiff_DSC7177 by Jojolcuisto, on Flickr Tiff_DSC7004 by Jojolcuisto, on Flickr Tiff_DSC7175 by Jojolcuisto, on Flickr Tiff_DSC5870 by Jojolcuisto, on Flickr
  7. The second shot is beautiful !! I envy you... !! CCR is definitely the best way to get as close as possible from sharks !!
  8. Cool one puffer fish... i might get one of those aquako at the end of the month... My friend is out of stock and apparently there is a "new design"... Let see... will keep inform ! Cheers,
  9. First at all, i would like to thank you all guy for advises and point of view ! I am in Hong Kong, and finally took a Mac book pro ! Retina 15'' SSD 256, 8mb ram, i7 2.0 quadricore. I will be back soon in the Philippines (i hope actually... there is a typhoon coming... And for sure flight will be delated or cancel ), anyway ones i am home i can calibrate it with the spider pro and will see how it is Will be back to keep you in touch And post a few shot... I have a few shot i still didn't edit yet ! Anyway tks at all for the help !! Cheers,
  10. Hello folks !! I am gona go to Hong Kong soon and my laptop is at the end of his glorious life So i am planning to invest into a new laptop. I am traveling pretty often and plan to travel more and more, so i definitly need a laptop !! ( i bought little more than a year ago an external monitor... but its almost dead too... >> 1/3 of the screnn is going into redish color...). I was first planning to get a Macbook pro and "his wonderfull" retina !! But the think is... the more i surch about it... an the more it doesnt look " for me" to be the best choice. My use of the laptop will be mostly pictures editing, and gaming too , internet, moovies and others... Look like those retina are beautifull to look... and my choice could go to retina mat to avoid the reflection !! BUT, seems like that for editing in purpose of future print... i read that retina might not be the best option !! The colors rendering is not so "right" even after calibration !! (that what i read...) So my question is : should i go to a PC that might have about the same "quality of color rendering" than a Macbook pro ??? For a much cheaper price ?? Or still the retina is better than any other kind of laptop screen ??? I know... Editing on a laptop is far to be the best option... Better to have a nice 27' monitor properly qualibrate at home in a nice and stable environment... But no choice... What you guys think about it ?? Can i find a nice laptop 15' with IPS and large gamut on RGB ??? Any idea ?? Any advices ??
  11. Yes !!! haha !!! Tks very much !! it work !! i kept on trying other !! but it work fine ! Tks a lot ! have a nice day !!
  12. Hi Bob !! I have sola 800 and some time i need to clean the pins and pins insert of the charger in the back of the lamp... Little WD40 tooth pick and toilet paper... Then the lamp start again charging Just to let you know
  13. Hi, hello there... i might look stupid... But anyway i allways heard better to look stupid for 5 minutes than to stay like that your all life I am having difficulties on linking my web site in my signature or on some post... the website adress is : www.j-ternoy.com I tryed this one : here but it doesnt seems it work.... when i want to link that propose me : http:// , https://, ftp:// , news:// or other... But on my wesite adress, its only www.j-ternoy.com... no http or others ??? Anybody got an idea ?? Sorry if i dont post in the right topic... Tks, Cheers, Jo
  14. Hi Keery, yes, i just see your comment on the other post... We have been little busy in the new dive center arranging everythink, building after tyfoon !! so i wasnt so active on internet... I also started the project of the web site : www.j-ternoy.com Hehe yes i keep on discovering as much dive spot as i can in the Philippines... (its been almost 7 years now) ! And i still love it !!
  15. Yep !! That was a good one Kerry !! Really enjoyed this trip !! I do love macro critters and i am getting more confortable on shooting macro But, i am happy too cause i progress a lot on wide angle on those 2 trips (i just start with wide angle ) Looking to do another trip next year !! Tubbataha will keep on beeing one of my "favorite dive destination" !! And Napantao (in Leyte) is... my 2nd love... but dont tell it to anybody... Sorry Bob for the late reply !! Regarding thresher shark !! I would higly recommend zoom lens !! Tokina 10-17 would not offer you the best chance to get a nice shot... (i still havent one nice from the Tresher) i got only 10-17... I am actually leaving in Malapascua !! So if you need some more info... Dont hesitate to contact me !! Oh by the way... I just start a web site : www.j-ternoy.com This is not finish yet... Only starting For Apo island... Its pretty good too !! And if you like Macro, there is Dawin and all near by that are a paradise for critters hunting !! And for liveaboard... I have been on the same liveaboard in Tubbataha and Leyte... (no choice for Tubbataha no land base), and for the second Trip : Leyte, Malapascua, Maripipi... For me liveaboard and Land Base are completly different ! Liveaboard is : Wake up, breakfast, DIVE, 2nd breakfast, DIVE, Lunch, DIVE, snack, DIVE, dinner, Sleep !! The really good point is that you only dive the best spot !! No assle traveling, (expecially in the Philippines traveling is not soooo fun...) It s also an different atmosphere... usually people on liveaboard are "dive freak" !! So that allow you to do the best spot in the country... On a short time !! Land base, is usually more relax on diving... 1, 2, 3 dives a day... But can be 4 also... And it's not only on the boat !! This is the third trip on liveaboard i do : 1 with Syren and 2 with Seadoor ! I have been working here for 7 years....(land base) And honestly i love Liveaboard !! I its Majic !!
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