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  1. Hello, Would you be willing to post it to Singapore?
  2. Hello, all, Just finished my webpage portfolio and want to share it with you. [url=http://www.alexcoolpics.com]Alexcoolpics[/url] Hit the Underwater section, as there are others related to my working areas. I've been working as a photographer in the last one and a half years in Indonesia, and travelling around Southeast Asia. Most of the underwater pictures are from Amed and Tulamben, (North Bali), but there are also from Padang Bay, Lombok (Gili Islands and North shore), Sumba and Komodo. Feel free to comment and criticise the photos or the site itself. (If possible, in a constructive way). Also feel free to ask anything regarding the photos or the dive sites. Disclaimer: There is at least one photo of spearfishing, and probably there will be more, as taking them is part of my job. I respect everybody's feelings about what and how they put food on the plate. I also wan't to be respected for picturing the most selective and eco-friendly way from getting fish from the oceans. Have fun!
  3. Sorry guys. For some reason, I didn't got any message saying there were answers to my post... Now just visited the site and realised nobody liked it. Maybe it helps to ease your feelings to know that all the fish caught, either is consumed by the hotel (which, otherwise, had to buy it from other fisherman) or offered as a complement to young student meals at the local schools. Though I understand people may choose vegetarianism or veganism as a way of life (which I respect), spearfishing is the most selective and non-pulluting way of catching fish. I posted it here mainly for feedback and constructive criticism regarding the technical part of it, as well as for suggestions, which I got none. I also stress that spearfishing and fishing are offered as a part of many resorts activities, and I was merely doing my job, on capturing its best moments. Do you think I should have declined? What would be your thoughts if I was documenting professional fisherman trawlers? I wish I could thank you for the feedback, but I really can't.
  4. Hello all, We just finished our spearfishing promoting video for Nihiwatu Resort, in Sumba, Indonesia. It was mostly shot with a Nikon D7200, (Tokina 10-17+ kenko 1.4) Nauticam Housing, Sea and Sea 9' acrylic dome, though it has also some Gopro 4 Black and DJI drone shooting. Water wasn't crystal clear, though... Here's the link:
  5. Unscrew both sides... It shouldn't be too hard unless salt built up on the screws. If so, soak them in vinegar for a while and try again. Remove the back part, where the buttons are. Use a cable on the bulkhead so you have something on which to pull (not the cable, of course). Be gentle, don't twist. Once it comes out, take the plug from the circuit board. Now try to slide all the inside of the strobe to the front. Don't touch the bulb! Avoid damaging the slave cell and the spotting light. Once you have the inner part of the strobe out, be careful so that you don't get electrocuted, just in case the condensers still hold power. You can easy identify the blue batteries, stacked together. Don't mess up with the condensers, though. Use a screwdriver to disconnect them and then it's quite logical to figure out the way they come out... There will be some more unscrewing, but easy. Take it so somewhere when it can be replaced. Mine costed around 60 USD to replace, for bigger capacity than original. Anything you need, please ask. I e-mail you some pictures if needed. Cheers. Bear in mind that the O'rings sometimes need to be replaced or you risk flooding.
  6. Hello all, This is one of my first posts, and not for the best reasons, I'm afraid. I have a Black Subtronic Nova with a I 06 version of Heinrichs Weikamp ttl converter built inside. Bought it from E-Bay around 2013 and always happy with it. Used on a Nikon D70 and later on a D7100 which I'm using right now. Strange as it seems, the ttl worked flawlessly on the two cameras until I sent the unit to repair. On January this year the strobe had a problem and didn't fire anymore. I was in Gili Trawangan, North Lombok, Indonesia. Opened the unit to see if something could be done, and it smelled burnt on the inside. Took pictures, mailed Subtronic and decided to send it to repair in Germany. That cost me close do 200 USD through DHL, but I needed it and could not find a replacement. On 27th February it was sent back. It was really fast repair. I payed 405 euros, including shipping. I had it sent to Singapore since I needed to go there anyway, and I would be easier with customs. (Where I payed 60 SGD more). That was expensive but I really had no option. Collected it tested it alone and it fired. I thought it was all right. Then, returned back to Indonesia and on 10th April (after buying a second, refurbished unit from Subtronic) when I did a test before diving, with the strobe attached to the housing, there was no TTL anymore (nor manual, on the digital entrance). E-mailed Subtronic, who stated that the TTL unit was working when they tested in there. Now the sad/funny part begins: -They were trying to make me believe the TTL version could not work with Nikon D7100! It worked before, hundreds of times! -Then they tried to make me believe it was bulkhead or cable failure, stating that it if a single connection was not good, the digital entrance wouldn't work at all, even on manual. That was not true also, since my previous Nauticam bulkhead had a pin broken from using Sea and Sea cables, and the digital entrance worked with that (just not in TTL). So now I have a pair of Subtronic Novas, with no TTL, I'm on Labuan Bajo, close to Komodo, and Subtronic doesn't assume the problem!!!! They lied to me regarding the way ttl worked, they lied me regarding cable connection, just not to mention that there was no other option than the ttl was burnt when my strobe was there for repair. Next time (there will be no next time for me anyway), that something from Subtronic cease working, better to buy something new from other brand. Just to let you know. P.S. - I have bills, mails and photos to support everything I'm stating.
  7. Sorry, but I got another deal for a Nova in between. Best regards, Alex
  8. Would you consider splitting the set? I already got one.
  9. Hi all. I'm selling a pair of Subtronic Alpha (not Pro version), with cables and chargers. Both batteries in good condition (one recently changed for 3rd party better than original). They last more than 2 dives, and actually never got to the end of them. Glass is scratched but that doesn't affect performance. Cables are really used but work ok. These are MANUAL strobes only. Selling just because they are heavy comparing to the Nova I also own. Can provide a custom made splitter for free if your housing has only one bulkhead. Prefer to deliver in Bali or Lombok but happy to send anywhere if buyers pay shipment costs (and customs). Payment by paypal or bank transfer to european account. Can send pictures on demand. Contact me here or through Alexandreribeirodossantos@hotmail.com
  10. Hello all I'm selling: - Sea and Sea housing for Nikon D70, never flooded, with spare o-ring. The bulkead has the 5 pin connected for ttl, instead of the original 2. - Sea and Sea 6' acrylic dome, with some minor scratches. - Sea and Sea ports (for 60 and 105 lens) in very good condition. - Sea and Sea YS ttl converter N. - Sea and sea nikon 5 pin to sea and sea strobe cable, simple. - Sea and sea nikon 5 pin to sea and sea strobe cable, double. Nikon D70 body in good condition. Asking 600 USD for all and not willing to split at this time. Pictures on demand. Items located in Bali right now, so I'd prefer to deliver them in hand around Bali or Lombok. If anybody knows how to register on forumselam.com, please help me. I tried to, in order to make a classified for this, but always got a message saying I'm a spammer. Contact me through e-mail: alexandreribeirodossantos@hotmail.com Or use the phone: (+62) 813 3788 6941
  11. I'm selling my pair of Sea & Sea YS Auto/Duo, as shown in pictures. They never flooded, work perfectly, but cosmetically they show some signs of wear. I'm including a set of spare o-rings, and the diffusers. Currently they have kind of velcro near the optic sensor because they were used with a compact camera. I can include the home made optical adaptors, or you can easily remove the velcro, if you'll be using electric cables. The strobes are located in Lisbon, Portugal. Asking 350€ plus shipment. I prefer wire transfer, but Paypal is also OK.
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