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  1. Hmm as it seems that the iFiberoptics place is now a preferred way to order, guess I am gonna go with that. Just FYI if any of the EU folks (or the wretched brexiting islanders) would like to have some (and not already going via Tim for example), do let me know but ideally this week please....My colleague aka personal camel will be coming back around mid October so could then send things around via Germany/Belgium...based on the Michael T. findings weight shouldn't be an issue, so can get another 10-20m for whoever wants it.
  2. Thank you both. Yeah, that is exactly what i am wondering about. I am tempted to to get the 1mm cable, since this seems to have a tighter radius bend, as such should be more resistant to breakage. That said i am thinking about getting 10-20m anyways so might as well fashion 10 cables out of it and just swap if needed I am using a Nauti LED trigger and Z-240s so I hope this combination will be fine with a 1mm...dilemma dilemma.
  3. That is a very nice summary, thank you Question if I may - would there be any technical preference between 1 and 1.5mm ,613 core cables? (i.e. Asahi MCQ-1000 vs MCQ-1500 for example). That is other than bend radius. Both seem to have the same external diameter, ~2.2 mm, however different internal one. Just curious, as trying to decide what to order.
  4. Great, thank you fro the detailed measures..in this case one can really fill in the suitcase with that
  5. Hi Michael - sorry, somehow missed your post. Yeah, once its over, its rather easy, German post is definitely one of the cheapest as well. Just getting it over is a bit of a hassle. But good to know the package is small..then i could definitely "convince" my colleague she needs to take "something" back @Bevanj How are we doing on the people numbers? Or is the i-fiberoptics by meter option now a preferred one ?
  6. Guess Dutch are like Belgians...can be serious pain in the backside customs wise. Ordered once something to Belgium, that was 26 USD (so 1 USD over the limit)...ended up paying like 30+ Euro customs...lesson learnt and from there on i ship it all to my German address...even 60-70 USD goes unnoticed As for the the order, I would happily go for the 25m @ 85 USD (if we have 20 people that is), either 1.5 or 1mm, as long as its the solid Asahi 613 core one. ....And I am very close to NL Depending on the possible package size and weight, I could also get some over mid October - as mentioned, my colleague will be coming back around that time, the question remains re size/weight of the cable package (so she agrees to carry it over...). If small enough could also get a few over, then distribute within EU.
  7. I am with John on this one...tempted to join in, especially since one of my Nauti cables just failed, but question is, how one can get it send to EU...any ideas? Could one of the US folks re-send perhaps ? Alternatively, I might have some way of transporting these (colleague going over soon) but question is (perhaps silly), does anybody know how big/heavy etc will 10-20 meters be once packaged?
  8. I have literally just found it on a DE deals site and immediately thought of Wetpixel Basically seems one of German shops (Galaxus DE) runs a 51% off promo now for Loupedeck CT version - 284.22 Euro instead of 585.17 Euro. Sure the price without promo is a bit inflated but other shops seem to have it around 479 so still a deal. They might ship EU wide, they also have a Swiss version of their shop. If you need help reshipping from Germany do let me know (provided you are an established forum member..) Original deal link: https://www.mydealz.de/deals/loupedeck-ct-zum-bestpreis-1838928 Shop direct link: https://www.galaxus.de/de/s1/product/loupedeck-ct-diverse-digitalkamera-zubehoer-12248516
  9. Hi, So I am curious if anybody has had a chance to travel to Indonesia on the funky business visa recently...me and missus are considering it, so I am wondering if anybody has done it recently around here. As there seems to be a conflicting information regarding flights (i.e. whether one has to fly via Jakarta or not) and also whether one has to quarantine in Jakarta for 5 days as well (especially if flying directly to Bali for example). Seems back in December, people were getting in without the need to quarantine. And Garuda website seems to suggest that if flying Bali/Labuan Bajo there is no need to quarantine, but I was told the opposite. https://www.garuda-indonesia.com/other-countries/en/news-and-events/kebijakan-operasional-terkait-covid19 So looking forward to hearing to your experiences hopefully m
  10. This looks more like a spot on the lens..Had exactly the same issue Even though the lens has looked clean, it kept showing spots on a brighter, uniform background, like sky or water. I have used "ZEISS Lens Cleaning Spray" with some microfiber cloth. It did miracles, though I guess other things will also work. Do not use it on your dome though....alcohol and acrylic (plastic) do not mix well. It can make the surface brittle and cracks may appear. If It's glass its normally ok though (don't remember what RX100V housing has..) Refer to your Nauticam manual If there are scratches on the (acrylic) dome though, there are polishing kits available. You can read it below. I have used an an Ikelite kit before for that. https://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?/topic/8698-removing-scratches-from-a-dome-port/
  11. I can imagine...must be amazing to dive in those normally packed spots and having it all to yourself Same worry about fishing...from one side the whole ecosystem can recover from noisy , oil leaking boats, cigarette buts and all the thrash, from the other, even most remote islands are nowadays populated (sometimes even heavily), with most of the folks dependant on tourists in one way or another....takes those away, and then you have plenty of people left with little income and means to earn it. And sadly when its ecosystem vs i need to feed myself/family, then the latter usually wins, no matter what cost to the former,......fingers crossed it wont end up worse than normal..and luckily nudis are not that edible. Have fun down there, and enjoy the diving!
  12. Still nice pics, even with the rusty thing How is it out there? Was hoping to visit Philly but seems both them and Indo remain closed this year...so I am stuck in the cold Europe, being jelly of all the lucky folks in the tropical places .
  13. Well true, its rumours so far....but I assume Sharp didn't join the MFT because they were bored ....Guess with the current climate we might have to wait a bit...supposedly GH6 was also delayed.
  14. [Rant mode ON] Yup, that's all that matters nowadays sadly :S [Rant mode OFF] Albeit if that 43rumors article is true, then I do not hold much hope for Olympus, since that investment fund was nicely summarized there: They are a vulture fund of privately owned equity partners designed to get around Japanese pension, retention, and servicing laws. That is some nice analysis....curious what happens as well, but not holding my hopes high. That said, all the ranting done with, what do you think about Sharp joining MFT ? This seems to be an interesting thing, since not only they are (according to the rumors that is) releasing what looks like a pretty good, solid entry in form of an 8K capable MFT camera, but most importantly, using their own sensor. And this is where MFT needs a bit of innovation, since both Panasonic and Olympus bought more or less the same sensors from a single company, Sony.
  15. Errrm, apart from the fact that perhaps you should consider the fact I am EU based and not US, and here original Loc-Line can cost easily up to 15 Euro a segment, 6$ is actually about 5.27 Euro according to today's exchange rate....so should I raise the price ? Besides I am always open to reasonable offers.
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