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  1. Hi,


    So I am curious if anybody has had a chance to travel to Indonesia on the funky business visa recently...me and missus are considering it, so I am wondering if anybody has done it recently around here. As there seems to be a conflicting information regarding flights (i.e. whether one has to fly via Jakarta or not) and also whether one has to quarantine in Jakarta for 5 days as well (especially if flying directly to Bali for example). Seems back in December, people were getting in without the need to quarantine. And Garuda website seems to suggest that if flying Bali/Labuan Bajo there is no need to quarantine, but I was told the opposite.




    So looking forward to hearing to your experiences hopefully :)



  2. This looks more like a spot on the lens..Had exactly the same issue :D  Even though the lens has looked clean, it kept showing spots on a brighter, uniform background, like sky or water.

    I have used "ZEISS Lens Cleaning Spray" with some microfiber cloth. It did miracles, though I guess other things will also work.

    Do not use it on your dome though....alcohol and acrylic (plastic) do not mix well. It can make the surface brittle and cracks may appear. If It's glass its normally ok though (don't remember what RX100V housing has..) Refer to your Nauticam manual :)


    If there are scratches on the (acrylic) dome though, there are polishing kits available. You can read it below. I have used an an Ikelite kit before for that.





  3. On 9/15/2020 at 9:24 PM, troporobo said:

    Thanks for the kind words!  Conditions are lovely, since resorts are still closed there are hardly any divers or boat traffic.  But the dive masters (and everyone else) have been out of work for 6 months now so there are LOTS more people out fishing day and night. No foreign arrivals are allowed, probably for the rest of this year.  Government is looking to open tourism by the holidays, I would say.   But with the state of the pandemic here that could be quite risky. We are indeed lucky to be able to drive to a private place there.  

    I can imagine...must be amazing to dive in those normally packed spots and having it all to yourself :)

    Same worry about fishing...from one side the whole ecosystem can recover from noisy , oil leaking boats, cigarette buts and all the thrash, from the other,  even most remote islands are nowadays populated (sometimes even heavily), with most of the folks dependant on tourists in one way or another....takes those away, and then you have plenty of people left with little income and means to earn it. And sadly when its ecosystem vs i need to feed myself/family, then the latter usually wins, no matter what cost to the former,......fingers crossed it wont end up worse than normal..and luckily nudis are not that edible.


    Have fun down there, and enjoy the diving!


  4. Still nice pics, even with the rusty thing :)

    How is it out there?  Was hoping to visit Philly but seems both them and Indo remain closed this year...so I am stuck in the cold Europe, being jelly of all the lucky folks in the tropical places :D.

  5. On 8/18/2020 at 4:17 PM, bvanant said:

    Can you buy the Sharp camera. I remember it at  CES in 2019 but haven't yet seen one and the typical camera places don't know about it. My take is that the Olympus purchase will go like the Sony Vaio, where there is now a Vaio brand just not from Sony



    Well true, its rumours so far....but I assume Sharp didn't join the MFT because they were bored :D ....Guess with the current climate we might have to wait a bit...supposedly GH6 was also delayed.

  6. Quote

    Removing a loss making divisions will greatly benefit the shareholders and investors.

    [Rant mode ON] Yup, that's all that matters nowadays sadly :S [Rant mode OFF]


    Albeit if that 43rumors article is true, then I do not hold much hope for Olympus, since that investment fund was nicely summarized there:

    They are a vulture fund of privately owned equity partners designed to get around Japanese pension, retention, and servicing laws.


    That is some nice analysis....curious what happens as well, but not holding my hopes high.


    That said, all the ranting done with, what do you think about Sharp joining MFT ? This seems to be an interesting thing, since not only they are (according to the rumors that is) releasing what looks like a pretty good, solid entry in form of an 8K capable MFT camera, but most importantly, using their own sensor. And this is where MFT needs a bit of innovation, since both Panasonic and Olympus bought more or less the same sensors from a single company, Sony.

  7. For you info, these arms, 7 segments, are $6 each. I think you have to adjust your price.


    Errrm, apart from the fact that perhaps you should consider the fact I am EU based and not US, and here original Loc-Line can cost easily up to 15 Euro a segment, 6$ is actually about 5.27 Euro according to today's exchange rate....so should I raise the price ? :mocking:

    Besides I am always open to reasonable offers.

  8. Thanks a lot for the tips Paolo. Yeah, Lembeh will be hard to match.

    Looking more for a bit of both worlds location, so one can do a bit of wa, bit of macro and so on...if there is something bigger (especially flying things, since I am fixated on these) then great. Well let's see, can always go back to Komodo :) Alternatively Dumaguete looks interesting, though tad hard to get to.

    And your octopus has definitely 80s vibe :D

  9. I'd be interested in getting something organised in Melbourne. Have a couple of other people who are keen and a boat we could hire. Might be a bit of trial and error but if anyone is up for it let me know.


    Coming! ...just give me about half a year (or more...) till I move there :D

  10. Original Loc-line flex arms, size 3/4. Bought for a DYI underwater project, but this seems not to be happening no more, hence all for sale :)

    Have a whole box of them - 54 pieces, 7 segments each. Total 25 feet, if you feel like constructing a giant octopus... Each segment is about 6 inch/15 cm long or so.


    Price - 5 Euro per segment + postage. Open to negotiations if you need more than 10. Shipping from Belgium. Pickup welcome if you are in Brussels.

    Any questions, please ask.



  11. Thanks Interceptor121 & makar0n for the tips. My AA batteries are on the charger now and I will run some experiments tomorrow to see if I can resolve it. I only use the strobes in manual power model with fiber optic triggering so I am not sure why the trigger batteries would effect the strobe power output but I will try new ones just to see.


    I still am interested in picking up a "spare" if anyone has one available.


    Was using mine in manual as well, when i had the issue, barely last week. My trigger takes two CR2450 batteries, and has two LEDs, so somehow assume one was getting the right charge, while the other was just emitting a weak light. Think Inon adjusts the light output based on a signal somehow. You can ask Pavel Kolpakov, he is a guru if it comes to strobe triggers.

    Initially, one strobe was sometimes flashing sometimes not. After noticing red light on the trigger, I have then changed one (out of 2) batteries (in flash trigger) for a new one (only had one with me...), and it was working fine. After a few dives the older battery (2nd one) got a bit exhausted as well, with trigger flashing red again. Strobe, while it was still working, was emitting visibly weaker light, despite being on manual and the same settings as the other one. After i've exchanged the older battery as well, for a one salvaged from a spare Suunto, issue went away immediately.

  12. I Spit.

    I also read you can use a half potato. But I am not sure how piratical it is to have always potato for diving in you dive bag ;)


    now this is something new...well, glory to the potato, one can eat it, make alcohol from it, now it will even clean your mask! All hail the mighty potato!

    ...inexaustible supply, always carried with you, no plastic bottles involved and fully organic - spit.

  13. Might sound silly but did you check the "Advanced Cancel Circuit Switch" ? it sometimes get stuck if you have a salt build-up. Also, are you using a flash trigger ? If so check the batteries.

    First time i've had a similar issue it was the salt thingie. Recently had it again, ever more pronounced, and it turned out flash trigger batteries were low, which caused one strobe not to receive full signal.


    Good luck!

  14. ...and my 5 cents:

    Manfrotto BumbleBee 220 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AO2SnpkG-58)


    Been using it for years now, and it works very well. Good quality, and thanks to being a backpack, and of a smaller appearance it usually does not attract any attention at the check in :) Easily fits into the overhead lockers or under the seat.

    As for all the crap inside:

    -Nauticam GH4 housing + 6" dome + 4.33" fisheye dome + 45 macro port + housing handles

    -2 Sola lights + charger

    -2 dive computers

    -2 Inon Z-240s

    -Mares torch

    -Z-Bolt laser


    -2 lenses 45 and 12-35

    -misc crap - pump, Nauticam tool, o-rings, 5 sets of Eneloops, some paperwork, camera charger, usb cables, strobe ball mounts, extra ball mounts for housing, fiber optic cables, 3 pairs of diffusers, yellow filters etc

    -13" laptop


    Basically most of the stuff..only things that travel separately are: GH4 body + 7-14, 8,14-140 + 2 fluro filters (small camera bag, over the shoulder), clamps, floats, arms, dyi snoot, AA battery charger (main suitcase)

    Total weight round 12 kg, and that is including a laptop. Again, since it looks smallish, nobody bothers to check it. Once got pulled by some overzealous SwissPort employee, but as soon as the nearby Garuda rep arrived and heard it is a UW camera, it was immediately waved through, no further questions asked. Never flew via US though so dunno about the famous TSA...


    Pics attached (took out two plastic bags with some paperwork, o-rings and tool, that usually are on top of the pile)



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  15. I think I have a decent non expensive way to move forward. I found this on here:




    Post 4 was very helpful. It included reference to people and material referenced above. What I found particularly helpful was the second link in that post where a guy did spectral analysis on various specific filters elements and shows the results. That then led me to Rosco and Lee filters and the site pnta.com where I could look at spectral graphs of every filter by both companies. Based on the research and data presented I was able to pick out various filters to try as barriers that will range from 500nm cutoff leading to no blue being shown to a 450-500nm cutoff that will allow a range of blue to show back adding the additional color interest to any flouro video. I bought several gels to play with and a ring adapter for my cokin P holder. There should be enough to cut filters and mask barriers for those I settle on since the gels ate 20x24 inches in addition i got a yellow #2208 plexiglass sheet to make a test filter and mask. Since I was at it I got various red to amber gels to use for video on my RX100 V since it does not in camera whitebalance well and can not shoot RAW video. I also picked up a cokin red polarizer to try to see if it varies its red intensity and spectral response for shallow to deep. I was able to get all this for around $100.


    Here are the filters I will be testing out for flouro and day video



    yellow #2208 transparent plexiglass 1/16 inch 12x12

    a made in chine cokin p yellow conversion filter that just appears to be he right color yellow. No stats to verify.

    Lee filter yellow 101

    Lee filters Spring yellow 100

    Lee filter medium yellow 010

    Rosco filter Canary 312


    for daytime video:

    a made in china cokin p color conversion filter orange that looks like it may work no published data though

    Cokin P161 red polarizer

    made i chine 67mm threaded Red "dive filter"

    Rosco 22 deep amber

    Rosco 25 orange red

    Rosco 26 light red



    Hopefully this give me a good mix where I can settle on 1 or two reds that work in the day to get my temp fairly close and a couple yellows that let me vary keeping some blue or going no blue in flouro.


    Glad somebody found it useful :)

    You might want to email Scubalamp and check the wavelength of the blue light...just to make sure it does excite the right spectrum in connection with teh filters. Filter wise, did you consider Wratten 8,9 or 12? There is quite a few on ebay US, rather cheapish.

    Good luck and have fun! And post your findings when you are back - dyi fluro guide in teh making :D

  16. m4/3 user here (so no need for a SLR trigger :D ), but that is some great design :)

    You might want to perhaps share it in the "Lights, Strobes, and Lighting Technique" - in classifieds it will disappear pretty quickly off the "front" page... Also, if you are trying to sell it, perhaps a guidance price would be useful for all the folks out there.

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  17. I have the nauticam flash trigger.. my strobes arent firing theres a little light that goes off towards the bottom when I fire but no major flash output... what am I doing wrong?


    Assume you are talking about mini flash trigger ?Is the light going off at the strobe itself ?

    Firstly, is your cable good enough (i.e. ideally one of the 613 strands ones)? Not all cables will carry enough light to actually trigger the strobe, LED trigger emits less light than an internal camera flash. Myself had to actually buy new fiber optic cables,as old ones would not work with a LED trigger. Also, don't forget the preflash cancellation button if using Z-240s/330s..though strobe needs to fire first of course :)

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