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  1. bumpity bump bump..open to offers
  2. aaaand sold to a gentleman from a port wine country
  3. To give you some idea about DIvemaster Insurance - was using them for about 2 (or 3 ..memory is not that good no more) years, back when I was living in UK. They were pretty much the only option for me, since I was living in a flat share for a while hence 99% of home insurance providers would refuse to cover anything (....pissed me right off as M&S home insurance cost next to nothing and covered (at least back then) all the UW camera use..) Anyway, back to Divemaster - so premium is about 7.5% on the camera stuff, however the camera insurance is only possible as an add-on to the normal dive equipment Can get pricey depending on the stuff you insure but they do regularly post 10% off codes via newsletter/ sometimes FB (i.e. Easter, Christmas, bank holidays, dive shows etc). There is also always working 5% discount if you go via link on this website http://www.divetheazores.com/insurance.html As for the claims: Towards the end of a Carriacou trip 2 years ago, had that great pleasure of watching a these lovely bubbles coming out of my housing and the whole thing turning into a rather expensive spirit level... Reported as soon as I was back in UK as "unexplained flooding", no questions asked, all accepted fine (though had to send both housing and body for inspection). Since my housing at the time was tad old and they could not find it in the shops no more, they briefly suggested sending me a 2 generations newer one as replacement but then turned out I have insured it at a slightly lower value so wasn't not enough (1.5k vs 2k needed - my fault though). They didn't allow for me covering that 500 shortfall in cash sadly. Got offered an option of a cash settlement (though price of a used one, and not full insured value, i.e. not 1,5k) or getting it professionally serviced (fully rebuilt). Went with the 2nd option, housing came back in better condition that it was new, so was rather happy Camera body wise - again they could not find a new one, hence they let me choose one from fleabay, and then refunded without any problems. Whole process took about 2 months though with me having to nudge once or twice via email. One thing to note, since the whole episode of UK banning all electronic items from the hand luggage on flights from Egypt etc - they will NOT cover photo stuff in the checked in luggage (ie cover only till a rather small limit that is, way below any decent camera/laptop etc setup value) All of this was in 2016 though...so dunno about now. Stopped using them at some point as decided better so save insurance money myself as it started getting expensive after a few gear upgrades. Dunno if they cover non UK residents / citizens though....
  4. Great idea! What did you use to mount the ball base to loc line if you don't mind me asking? Was it NPT connector with the thread sawed off ? Do you reckon 3/4 will just fit the ball base "inside" ? (i.e no NPT connector needed) Edit - just found those http://www.divervision.com/howshot-ball-adapter-for-loc-line-3-4inch-flex-arm-AD-LC34.html Hmm seems to be all in one Aaand edit 2 - re the first question - was that NPT fixed base connector ?
  5. bumpity bump...price drop 10 Euro / 9 GBP
  6. Hmm if i might suggest - could we please separate out DYI forum again ? It was a good repository of all great build-your-own-thing ideas from wetpixel members ...now its a real pain to find. Just today was searching for some snoot ideas - had to sift through hundreds of hits everywhere else, since these were discussed on almost every single form out there :s Luckily bookmarked a few other topics, otherwise would face hours with the search function
  7. Thanks for the info anyway. At least I know how to mount that laser thingie now
  8. Tim, how wide is the actual bracket ? As wondering if it would fit something like this nicely - http://www.z-bolt.com/green-laser-pointers/special-function/waterproof-laser-pointer-scuba-1.html.
  9. You will be looking at about 25-30% extra in total...should you declare full value that is Basically - import duty is usually a few % minimum, though this indeed could have changed as per TimG's link...so could be finally 0. Based on UK - provided item is declared as a gift you will pay 2.5% above 36 and under 630 pounds (~650 Euro). If not gifted, normal duty applies, whatever that is... VAT - full 20% (or whatever your country has) on anything above 36 pounds (~40 Euro) To add to the joy, all of the above is calculated on the item cost + shipping + insurance....and Post Office or whatever shipping agent handles this, tends to also adds their "processing fee". As for PayPal fees - if you trust the seller, avoid PP at all costs. Bastards are greedy beyond measure...if you pay in different currency there is a plethora of charges, both for you and the seller, plus they offer a really shitty exchange rate. Much better to do a direct bank transfer with services like TransferWise - real exchange rate and a small 5-10 Euro commission...but this of course provided you trust the seller.
  10. never did the online thing and been there probably like 20+ times, must be some new thing. Just go straight into the "bank" counter (will look like small bank/ currency exchange type office) on the airport and ask for one, then stick it in your passport. These are the official government visa counters. Costs 25$ US - i normally get the dollars before flying to avoid the hassle. if you pay with other currency, they normally accept it too (ie GBP / Euro etc,) though exchange rate might not be in your favor, albeit usually not much. Never been to Hurghada airport as normally landing in Cairo or Sharm, but since its a "touristy" one, one thing to look out for (at least based on my Sharm experience) - don't go to the travel company desks and ignore shouting travel agents trying to shepherd you there. They are like touts, often positioned before the actual visa "banks", luring the naive tourists in. Sure you will get the visa, but you might end up paying double ..plus last time i've been to Sharm, whole plane ran to the travel companies with massive queues, while 50 meters behind 2 bank offices were completely empty...had the visa in seconds while most ppl still queued Also remember to fill in (ideally on the plane, saves time) and keep your landing card - immigration officer will inspect both your visa and the landing card..plenty of ppl forget one and then have to go back to fill it. After that your visa will be most likely checked again by some security type right after passing the immigration desk. One thing to check - I would assume that Australians (again assuming you are one ) get teh visa on arrival thing but might be worth checking out your embassy page. Flight wise - guess Hurghada is a direct one so probably easyJet or Thomas Cook etc....but depending on your times have a look at Egypt Air - they won't fly direct though and instead via Cairo, so it will take longer. Price wise might be actually cheaper, especially in the summer (but check) and there is one main advantage (at least if you book "normal" economy) - 2x 23 kg luggage...you can really take plenty of stuff with you...very useful when you are smuggling a cat tree for your gf 4 cats Alternatively (if you have time) is to take Eurostar and fly from Paris (or Brussels/ Amsterdam). (you can do open jaw and fly back to UK if needed) - flights are way cheaper from the continent - UK has like the highest flight taxes in the world :S Have fun!
  11. Try..they have changed a casing on one of my lights completely for free..and light was waaaay out of warranty. Also if its just the battery that is dead, you could even fix it yourself - there is a few dive shops round that sell those batteries. Otherwise perhaps L&M can have a look at it, since you are in US, it will be even easier to get it looked at. As for UV...strongly recommend reading below before you venture there...and be careful...once you start fluro diving that's it, a normal night dive will seem super boring http://sb.fluomedia.org/fluolinks/ Also, a great comparison of yellow filters here - you need one for your camera: https://www.uni-due.de/zoophysiologie/cc.guests/FluoreszenzFilterFinalUSApdf.pdf Good luck!
  12. +1 for Sola Photo - used 800, changed to 1200 recently. Perfect size/power combo for focus usage.. great as a night dive light too. Also the red beam is super useful, a lot of crits are scared/annoyed of white light. Really like Sola (L&M) support as well - they are super helpful (even with 2nd hand lights ;] ). That said, nowadays market has expanded a lot, so there is plenty of alternatives, especially if you are looking for something with higher power, like the iTorch suggested above.
  13. Thanks for the offer rollin! ...Will pass though...just realized I somehow had it stuck in my head that it is a LED flash...since its a normal one it does not make sense...as it will have the same drain on teh battery. Even if it has faster recycle time, guess not that much over built in strobe....And LED trigger willl be way faster..och well...Gotta think first, post second next time
  14. Thanks for the info...and a nice movie Diving wise, did you concentrate around Yeben or somewhere further ? As the further dive sites seems to be kind of a included but only in bigger packages and only a handful of times....otherwise the excursion prices are close to outrageous...(based on 2 people). Did you manage to go to Wayag archipelago ? Hehe no worries....gf attracts every living / biting thing in the vicinity, hence none are interested in me...just gotta stay close to her ...the ultimate insect repellent (or rather magnet )
  15. Hmm not sure...the ones that does seem cheaper are usually 5-8 days....ones longer like 11+ are often round 4k+ anyway...and that's pretty much 2 week resort price...Visiting more sites is true..but then Raja is so big you never gonna visit it all in one trip....gotta keep coming back
  16. it has a built in one but slow and battery eating one Using a Nauticam LED trigger for now but no TTL there....so curious if this could be a nice low cost solution. Or at least i can dream Enjoy the trip!
  17. Flew with Garuda to Komodo last year - check-in in Amsterdam was fine, only in Jakarta, when checking in for a connecting flight, my other half had problems with hand luggage - they weighted it and she had to repack, though there was no need to put anything in the main luggage. They were fine with two hand luggages as long as no single one was over 7 kg. That said, it happened only since her hand luggage is on the bigger side, i.e. max allowable hence it attracted the attention. I was carrying smaller looking backpack, weighting around 13kg and no problems at all. With hard case you might struggle - especially check the local connecting flights as sometimes they fly super small jets - there is no way to fit a normal size hand luggage in the overhead compartments. But I guess considering you will be flying to Manado, it should be a normal sized plane. Also, not sure how does it look when flying from US, but from Europe Garuda gives you additional 20kg if you declare dive gear...so one can carry a respectable 50 kg even in economy
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