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  1. a bit old topic, but wondering, did you go at the end chilbal ? As looking at this resort as well but curious hows the diving works there as they are a bit far.
  2. uuu didnt know such thing exists....anybody tried it yet on GH4 ? Curious if it would fit the housing as well...
  3. aaand sold....to the gentleman from down under
  4. aaaand sold....to the gentleman in green hat
  5. And one more.. Light & Motion Sola 2 Amp charger, UK version. Bought from Mike's Dive Store in London. Since I have moved out from UK have no need for it...Used but in good condition. Pics below: Price wise, 15 Euro / 13 GBP + postage...sensible offers also welcome Charger is currently in Brussels, Belgium. Local collection is of course welcome. Any questions / need more pictures, just ask
  6. And one more dusty thing Deepshots Panasonic 14-42 II Zoom gear - since i've stopped using 14-42 II lens its just been gathering dust. 3D printed zoom gear, bought from Deepshots UK (https://deepshots.myshopify.com). Mint condition. Pics below: Price wise, 25 Euro / 20 GBP + postage...sensible offers also welcome Gear is currently in Brussels, Belgium. Local collection is of course welcome. Any questions / need more pictures, just ask
  7. Aaaand more of stuff from the bottom of my drawer Nauticam LCD Magnifier with Dioptric Adjustment (25106) plus the required attachment rails (25131). Bought brand new from Fotografit.eu. Very good condition - gf used a few times, then decided she likes pure screen better...so, since it has gathered enough dust, it's time to perhaps find a new home for it.... Fits Nauticam housings for Sony RX100 III / IV /V. More info on Nauticam website: https://www.nauticam.com/products/lcd-magnifier-with-dioptric-adjustment https://www.nauticam.com/products/lcd-magnifier-attachment-rails-for-na-rx100iii-rx100iv-rx100v Pics below (ignore the pen writing on teh box ) Price wise, 125 Euro / 110 GBP + postage...sensible offers also welcome Magnifier and rails are currently in Brussels, Belgium. Local collection is of course welcome. Any questions / need more pictures, just ask
  8. Hi, Another dusty gem for sale Brand new Nauticam Fiber Optic Cable 26212 - Nauticam to Sea&Sea connector. Basically, bought, received, unpacked then smacked myself in the head....as I only have Sea&Sea connectors ...hence cable not used, never been underwater at all. Pics below: Price wise, 45Euro / 40 GBP + postage...sensible offers also welcome Cable is currently in Brussels, Belgium. Local collection is of course welcome. Any questions / need more pictures, just ask
  9. NOW SOLD --------------- Hi, For sale, like new, Nauticam Flat Port 72, part number 36121. Originally got it to use it with Panasonic 14-42 lens but ended up changing to 14-42 II soon after (which I have managed to squeeze into Macro 45 port), hence this one was barely used. Been sitting in my drawer and just collecting dust since then... Comes with original Nauticam cap, h2o Tools "foam" glass cover and Nauticam o-ring (though tad old so check it first before use). Fits : Sony SEL 18-55mm Zoom Lens Panasonic Lumix G Vario 14-42mm F3.5-5.6 ASPH More info on Nauticam website: https://www.nauticam.com/products/flat-port-72-for-sony-sel-18-55mm-zoom-lens Pics below: Price wise, 100Euro / 88 GBP + postage...sensible offers also welcome Port is currently in Brussels, Belgium. Local collection is of course welcome. Any questions / need more pictures, just ask
  10. Hmm think this might fit better in "Copyright Issues, Non-Payment, Fraud, Theft" forums. http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showforum=21
  11. Wohooo, there is even a glow in the dark option Thanks Adam!
  12. uuu Adam, care to say where did you get these lovely 3d printed knobs ?
  13. Doh...showing how little i've used this lens Hmm, will go with two anyway, one can be backup.
  14. Still in process of ordering (as after all still have these waterless winter months, so plenty of time....) but going with the http://www.geissler-service.de Getting two of these as want to fit one to 7-14 and one to 8...curious is fisheye works in fluro well Leaving UK anyway but something tells me it will cost more in the Luton place..at least from what i've noticed, UW stuff is often priced more in UK and warranty is shorter...
  15. Amazing lens, one of my favourites! Use it most often as a standard lens with 6" dome (+Nauti gear, fits fine)...Great on night dives, especially fluro with some blue lights and yellow 52mm filter - it's quite good at low light. Also its quite versatile, you can have both zoom and a nice semi-wide angle. Check as Panasonic has released mk.2 of it - maybe Nauti sent you gear for the newer one ?
  16. Nicool, Had similar problem, with one strobe weirdly being less powerful, sometimes more, sometimes less...turns out ACCS was kind of a stuck..even though button appeared de-pressed. Turns out there was some salt build up inside these...try to soak strobes for about 24 hours in warm (not hot, but warm water dissolves salt better), clean water with some soap and from time to time press the buttons to make sure water penetrates inside. Did a wash myself and all works fine, there was no need for service It could also be an issue with a corroded magnet, apparently Z-240s have this problem quite often. You can open the button and check - don't remember the link but search forums, there was a topic about it. Good luck!
  17. Forgot to say thanks! Cannot wait to test these...though have to wait till May for some dives :S
  18. long time, no see (or rather "no buy" ) pending Apocolibri query, would you consider splitting? i.e. as have EU body so thinking that US one would be an upgrade. Give me a shout...and happy New Year! Cheers, m
  19. Pajjpen, Do they have it listed on website ? (cannot find it...) or did you just arrange it all via email ? As could use the holder as well...would love to take 7-14 at night for some fluro shots ...as currently is not an option since no way of attaching yellow filter. Tried to fashion some external holding arm to mount a bigger piece of yellow plexi that came with Nightsea, but this did not end up well...current+sand = plexi rubbing on the dome...had a lot of polishing to do Cheers, m
  20. Hi Peter, Any chance for some photos ? Also any price guidance ? As could be interested in the Photo 1200 one. Cheers, Martin
  21. Well a quick update - stay away from H2O filters. Absolute waste of money. GF is really pissed off as she has spent 200 Euro on these and they won't excite fluorescence at all :S They in fact remind me very much of similar Dyron filters (25 Euro or so) - same piece of shit.
  22. Hi evildiesel, Where about are you located? I might be of some help to you.... As it happens I have my old Nauticam GH2 housing laying around. Very good condition - as it has flooded once ("unexplained " - think could have been a dislocated o-ring), got it fully re-built by a professional outfit (i.e.. not just serviced). Did about 8 dives with it afterwards and och boy, it has never worked so smooth as after the rebuilt As I have upgraded to GH4, it is just gathering dust...was thinking about carrying it as some kind of a backup but then I never have space in my luggage anyway. Also have GH2 body, chargers, spare batteries (original Panasonic ones) and some other stuff. Could probably include Nauticam Flexitray with both handles and mounting balls if you are after that one too. (again a spare that's gathering dust...) No ports included though, as I am using these with GH4. Let me know if you are interested, can drop you some pics of the housing/paperwork etc. I am based in UK shipping wise. Cheers, m
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