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  1. great comparison - thanks for the effort! air diffuser really looks brighter...but is it me or one can see the "cross ribs" i.e. as inon flash tubes are arranged in a T shape?
  2. these look great! and relatively small for its output which is another good thing...sometimes i fancy some strong video lights but then i see the size of them and no thanks but no Are you planning to have the battery compartment isolated from the rest ? (ie in case of leaks ?) Also, either some rubber layer around the metal bits would be useful, to soften any accidental bumps etc...though this could be solved with a neoprene cover. What is the planned weight and buyonancy ? aach and a some kind of a filter attachment in front..so one could change to blue for example for fluro would be awesome Keep going, great design!
  3. GH4 set around 3500+$ + i would say...if you lucky that is GH2 on the other hand probably for about 2000 or so....camera and housing are super cheap nowadays, if 2nd hand that is. either way, enjoy GX80
  4. hah awesome work Think will go with your design...3d printing looks tad too expensive considering all the prototypes needed and me having to run back and forth between the printing cafe and home... hmm regarding the fiber optic cable..which one are you using now ? got iDive ones and they work fine with built in flash but dunno about the trigger and my money is on Nauti releasing some extra trigger with TTL that will cost $$$ or ramping price of the housing way up if built in...they are turning into an Apple of an underwater world
  5. Panasonic GH2 is your option..one can pickup bodies/housing really cheap nowadays and its great for video (especially with custom firmware) Or if you have a bit more cash, go for GH4.
  6. http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=59098 Looks like somebody is selling
  7. well got the Nauticam mini flash trigger (thanks Andrei )...and well...it does not fit GH2 housing :s There are 3 main problems: -it is too long - one cannot insert it fully into the hot shoe -back is too big - existing camera strobe switch at the back of the housing won't fit -LEDs are too low - below the fiber holes (at least appears so...not tested yet as waiting for batteries) Well but not all is lost...trigger is very easy to dismount and it is basically made of three parts connected - hotshoe, battery compartment and LED board...so what I am thinking is either of two things: -plug it without any trigger housing, just the pieces, perhaps tape/glue inside the housing -create a new "box" for trigger itself...either using some paper stuff or perhaps 3D print ? Well or the third option...order the trigger from the other topic Either way, will be away for a while hence this will have to wait but planning to try (once tested with batteries in that the strobes react to the trigger) the 3D print option...perhaps scan the existing "box", then modify i.e. shorten, raise the LEDs and cut the back so the strobe latch fits in....That's the idea at least...dunno, as never did any 3D printing
  8. will await your news...as kinda tempted to get these if they are really an improvement over the normal ones Just noticed it also says on these: "It can be used with INON color temperature (4600K/4900K) conversion filter" Hmm double diffuser? How will that work ?
  9. you might want to consider this, especially if you are a videographer... http://www.panasonic.com/global/consumer/lumix/gh5/ and ditch that expensive Sony of yours altogether Or go GH4...no 5 axis but seems to be amazing for video
  10. well I would suggest you replace the strobes first, and try shooting manual...RX100 is an excellent camera.with awesome low light capabilities. Have m4/3 myself (GH2) but my gf shoots RX100III and she often gets better pictures than i do.. (or it might be that i am crap )..Perhaps try this first, unless you have a wad of cash that you really need to get rid off...as new strobes+camera+housing+ports+lenses setup will be tad on the expensive side...like everything underwater :s And if after strobe upgrade you still want something bigger, then you keep the strobes and just get camera/housing etc. Another thing to consider - not sure how do you feel about Ike housing but (again, based on my gf experience), she has replaced it with Nauticam after the first dive trip...apparently better ergonomics (buttons spacing etc mainly) Also, are you shooting RAW? Did you try to correct the exposure in Lightroom ? (silly question, i know ) In addition, perhaps even before you upgrade anything, read a bit more - can recommend Alex's "Underwater Photography Masterclass" book. (http://underwaterphotographybook.com/). Really handy and full of all kind of tips not just for DSLRs but for m4/3 and compacts as well. Cheers, m
  11. Or you might want to consider camera backpacks perhaps...much lighter, and what's actually helpful, softer, so one can squeeze them easily in the hand luggage hold. Might not be possible with the hard case, especially with nowadays shrinking hand luggage allowance. Also backpack looks less conspicuous, even if you have it loaded with 30 kg I was as well considering Pelican cases, but ended with this one instead: https://www.manfrotto.co.uk/pro-light-camera-backpack-bumblebee-220-pl Fits all my bits (well almost). housing, two dome ports, macro port, 2x Z240s, 3 lights and number of other bits and bobs like diffusers, manuals, batteries, dive computers and a couple of lenses. Only things that are travelling outside, as i do not want to squash the stuff too much are camera plus some other lenses in a small camera bag, and arms/clamps/tray...these are a bit big and heavy hence go to the main luggage. That said, when i had less equipment, they used to travel in the backpack too
  12. Assume you are using hacked firmware? GH2 can easily go almost 200 mbit/s with the right SD card. Word of warning....we have all been at this stage and have failed miserably... it always starts like this :D 8mm is an excellent lens. Guess it's more what tickles your fancy - I for example mostly shoot macro/standard with occasional wide ...fisheye gets used about twice a year...in fact I wonder why I even bother carrying it but I guess I still hope for that Moby Dick swimming by I am more into photo though so perhaps some video person could advise you better - think ScubaBob is rather serious on the matter. Check with him what else is he using apart from 7-14 perhaps. Or just nudge some guys in the Video and Film section.
  13. ooo that's something new! have not seen an air one before....curious as well, as this would perfectly double as buoyancy aid for the rig
  14. Congrats! GH2 is a really great camera underwater, using it myself As for your question - I don't think you will be able to fit both lenses. Just tried to fit 14-42 II (note it is much smaller than the original 14-42) into 4.33" port (dedicated for 8mm - Nauticam 36132) and it barely fits, pretty much pushing against the glass. No way you could use zoom. You could fit 8mm into the original 14-42 port (Flat port 72 - Nauticam 36121) but it will not really work...as its super wide angle will get you mostly port walls on the pic :S Is there any reason you want 8mm ? If I might suggest perhaps go with a 6" port (Nauticam 36133) - this way you can fit there two lenses Panasonic 7-14 wide angle and Panasonic 12-35 wide-standard. Both are excellent lenses...since I've got the 12-35 it's my absolute favourite for normal and night dives as it is very versatile. Note that Panasonic might release what can be a potential replacement for this one....12-60 f2.8 sometime in 2017 but dunno..not much info yet apart from some GH5 shots with it mounted. Same for the next wide angle 8-18...but then that will (and have already!) bring the original prices down Good luck!
  15. that is provide you have the electronics in..otherwise is a cool 200 for the actual leak sentinel v4
  16. very simple, adding "underwater" to the name warrants a few hundred % price increase
  17. http://pvgear.com/collections/all-products/products/pvgear-filter-adapter-for-panasonic-7-14mm?ref=cheesycam this one looks like it could be printed, though the version above has indeed a metal ring for thread....I wouldn't mind ordering from them but shipping from US + customs fees would make it rather expensive :S Also no clue if it would fit in the 6" port.... Alternatively there is this one, but it does not cover the full 7-14 spectrum.. http://dfocussystem.com/adapter-714
  18. Threaded filter adapter for Panasonic 7-14mm that still fits in the Nauticam 6" dome please
  19. hmm what if I call dibs on shotgun? or should it be shotgun on dibs ? :D
  20. pm on the way - calling dibs on these
  21. hmm will this little wonder device work with Panasonic m4/3 cameras by any chance ?
  22. hmm...found and interesting topic...turns out somebody already makes something that might fit http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=44632&page=1 My next thing to try if the Nauticam trigger won't fit GH2 housing..
  23. hmm your NZ price is a bit of a rip off if you ask me [ ] Amazon in UK has this at around £630 ~ 1070 NZD and that is still not the cheapest one can find [] as for sample images....link below, all from last trip to Gibraltar...just to give you an idea, remember I am not a pro and the water was murky, it was not Indonesia ....admittedly I am so lazy still do not have any website based gallery https://www.dropbox.com/sh/sh1ry70tu8n92sw/AADsT88IihMoK8zOzd0SHgpna?dl=0 new Panasonic wide angle lens will be Leica DG Vario-Elmarit 8-18mm f/2.8-4 ....no 7-14 no more in regards to the domes...well acrylic vs glass it all depends on use....glass is heavy and expensive, and once scratched that's it, although it is supposed to provide better optical quality (perhaps some pro will voice an opinion here, never used one ), acrylic on the other side is cheaper, lighter and one can easily polish even deeper scratches so its like new after some crazy current-sand diving... again...would be good to hear from an Olympus 7-14 owner...I bet it is a better lens in terms of picture quality, so it all depends on how deep your pocket are...guess the fact one can only change it from the front will be less of a nuisance after a while....
  24. check thingiverse and some other 3d printing websites...i've seen some things around. There was also a few topics around wetpixel about it. Or you can order from here http://www.deepshots.co.uk/. These are around £50 mark so way below original Nauticam
  25. thanks! great idea - it seems anything with "dive" or "underwater" in its name, instantly attracts silly price tags
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