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  1. well after shooting with GH2 for almost two years now, though rather as a hobby than pro, I do like Panasonic 7-14....works well, its quite flexible, even though its wide angle, got beautiful nudi shots in Gibraltar this month -Price wise it actually went down lately, and can be bought for like £550 new...ebay probably around 400...think Olympus is like £1000 new... -Another thing (very important for me!) - Panasonic 7-14 uses Nauticam 6" wide angle port, which also fits Panasonic 12-35, lately my favourite lens of choice...so you have two in one And of course one can fit the lens from the front or take the camera with the lens attached through the back. Again price wise 6" port - ~£400, 180mm port needed for Olympus, around £800... Also the fact that Panasonic 7-14 port is smaller and can accommodate another lens is really appreciated when travelling...something tells me that 180mm glass port needed for Olympus will not only be bigger but also heavier. To be clear, have not used Olympus 7-14...but then its your choice, is the f2.8 worth an extra grand or so? Me thinks better get Panasonic and get yourself another lens/lens+port combo for the same price as single Olympus setup....well unless wide angle is really really really important to you Don't forget that Panasonic is working on 7-14 successor....which might be released sometime in 2017 along with GH5 http://www.apotelyt.com/photo-lens/panasonic-roadmap edit: as for the fisheye....Have Panasonic one and to be honest very rarely use...but then it might be just shooting preference. As for your port options - Nauticam used to have full MIL chart but after they have revamped their website I cannot find it no more....uploaded one I've had saved https://ufile.io/e6c8 (cannot attach here as the PDF is over 1 MB :S ) One more thing, though port wise...remember wide angle ports act like a parachute in the current....6" is also acrylic, hence any scratches can be easily fixed
  2. question is if it fits...unless you have that GH4 rig to go with it?
  3. hmm any luck ? As i am in the same boat..have GH2 and would love the optical trigger but officially it only fits GH4 :S
  4. hmm that's teh one thing I've missed...after you have pointed it out indeed I cannot see the flash on teh show model well I guess we will all have to add another 200 bucks to the cost of housing, to spend it on Nauticam flash trigger...yaaay us
  5. Hi, What is the housing /monitor combo? Also, would you consider selling WWL-1 and/or CMC-1 separately ? Cheers, m
  6. still looking...come on, there must be one out there gathering dust and wanting to be adopted
  7. I am looking for a Nauticam RX100 M3 housing - guy claims he has 5, brand new ones (yeah right), when I check him out it turns out his page was visited by every member with WTB topic (guess conveniently he has all teh parts people been looking for weeks). Well, decided to message around and surprise, surprise, he has been in contact with other people too (hi "world.explorer" ) Got pictures from him on email and frankly never seen a housing so pristine...seemed like straight from the factory, not a speck of dust. But I guess that explains why in the corner of the pic, I could see a part of Nauticam logo, that looked like being a booth stand. Photo was most likely from some dive expo. When asked for a picture with my nickname and today's date, to confirm he is indeed holding the housing in his hands, he refuses telling some wierd story like he send it once with his email address and then the deal didn't go through but the pic was used in some fraud. Asked again, stating that all I need is my nickname and the date, he refuses. He then proceeds offering me a pickup, even though I've stated early I am UK based (beam me up, Scotty ) , when pointed out he starts telling he has made a mistake because he has so many people interested in his housings... Then claims PayPal holds all funds for 21 days like Escrow - while Paypal does have 21 days hold on some payments, its not an Escrow service. Also, his english (though then again, I am not a native english speaker native myself ) , seems a bit odd..scammer english i would say He goes by "Steve Choo" name, and uses the following email address: stevenchoopics@gmail.com Perhaps its all a pure coincidence (in which case I will happily take my words back) but frankly my monies are on the guy trying to run some kind of a scam here.
  8. well, as long as it has a used one price
  9. Hi, long story short, gf got a different brand RX100 M3 housing and is not too happy with it (I blame her clumsy fingers ) ..so if you happen to have a Nauti one laying around and gathering dust, and want to get rid of it, just let me know. Ideally from Europe (tax/customs stuff) but US would do as well, as a few of my colleagues fly there often. Though don't be shy if its somewhere else, perhaps there is a way, especially if the price is right . Cheers, m
  10. check this topic for Macro Port 45 http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=57720
  11. Hi. When were they bought? how's teh battery life ? chargers included? Thanks!
  12. Got flip holder and zoom gear from thetrickster - perfect condition and well packed. transaction was smooth as a butter Thanks!
  13. calling dibs on M67 diopter holder - PM sent! edit...12-35 zoom gear too please
  14. could take arms, clamps, floats and M67 diopter if you decide to split...and the price is right
  15. long shot but if you decide to split i would be interested in the below: Nauticam Flexitray W II with the trigger Nauticam cold shoe Ball mount, cheers, m
  16. Hi, In short - Canon IXUS 950 with underwater housing for sale. Dated but still doing great shots. Can be a good beginners camera or a test-drive to see if underwater photography is for you, without spending thousands of £ for equipment . Has dedicated underwater mode. Included: Canon IXUS 950 with original battery WP-DC15 underwater housing with o-ring Canon charger leather camera case USB cable looking for £ 75. Pickup from London, UK or posting can be arranged. Cheers
  17. and what would be the price for the whole set ? + shipping to either UK or Germany, whatever is cheaper Cheers,
  18. Are these fitting teh battery cap perfectly ? As had some other ones from some dutch shop an they were tad to big...no way you can screw battery cap afterwards.
  19. also fits Panasonic 14-42mm f/3.5-5.6G II
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