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  1. For the bundle I would be happy with $700 +shipping
  2. Hello, I am selling the following as a package: *canon G10 digital camera *canon underwater housing *Inon macro wet lens *Sea & sea Ys-02 strobe w/cable *bracket and arm for the housing and strobe Only used once. I am open to offers, feel free to PM me if interested!
  3. Hi guys, I recently purchased a Canon G10, Canon housing, S&S Ys-02 strobe, and INON UCL-165M67 Close-up lens. I'll be going to Crystal River in Dunnellon, Florida, to try my hand at underwater photography tomorrow. I would appreciate some tips from those with more experience. Maybe you've learned some tricks after trial and error, or have some personal experience with settings on the G10; this beginner is open to any and all advice! http://www.therainbowriver.com
  4. Thank you for clarifying that, looks like I know the right choice now!
  5. Hello all, I have been involved with photography for several years now, but the underwater landscape is a whole new ball game for me. I have been trying to decide between a new SnS Ys-01 or a set of two used Inon D180's with ULCS arms. So far I have been told that the Ys-01 would be a wiser choice because I cant be sure the D180's will sync with my Canon G10. That dilemma aside, I am confused about the actual mechanics of a strobe. I am starting to understand that I can connect a strobe via fiber optic cable with one end attached to the strobe and the other to my Canon WP-DC28 housing. My confusion has worsened upon discovering the G10 doesn't preflash in manual mode. Does this mean that whatever brand I choose I will have to use the strobe in manual mode as well. And if so, what is the purpose of the fiber optic cable if not to meter the preflash? Do I use some kind of preflash cancel function and then the strobe will activate with the main flash? And if I do go with the Ys-01, and end up having to use it in manual because the camera is lacking preflash, would that mean that I might as well go with the Ys-02 because it is strictly manual? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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