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    Nikon D70
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    Inon Z220
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  1. Thanks Paul (and James) - just looked at the Marumi's and they look pretty good quality - found some good prices too so may well go for them. Hopefully see you some time soon Paul - I'll drop in next time I'm over.
  2. mostly macro, with the 105mm Nikon VR.
  3. Does anyone know if there is a significant loss in quality when using cheaper diopters (Hoya etc) rather than more expensive brands (Canon 500d, Nikon 5T etc). I'd like to get the latter, but finding them hard to find, and also not sure the difference in cost is justified. Thanks.
  4. I have a brand new Sea & Sea Nikonos Style Sync Cord (Sea & Sea or Inon strobes to Nikonos) for sale. It was bought in error and I'm unable to get a refund - they seem to be around £70. You can see pics of the connectors on Ebay - http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...E:L:LCA:GB:1123. Contact gstoyle@gmail.com with any offers....or bid on Ebay. Thanks.
  5. Due to upgrade I am selling the following setup... Nikon Coolpix 5000 5MP Compact Digital Camera UK Germany CP5000 Marine-Grade Aluminium Housing The Nikon Coolpix 5000 is an excellent compact digital camera featuring... 5 Megapixels with recording to RAW for high quality enlargements. Automated features to get you shooting successfully from the get go with full manual overrides for creative control when you need it, so you won't be limited as your experience grows. 1 minute video. Superb 28 - 85mm (35mm equivalent) zoom range with built in macro focusing to 2cm for stunning close ups. There are a whole load of accessories with the camera outlined below. UK Germany's housing is custom built to take full advantage of the 5000's capabilities. It's built from sturdy marine-grade aluminium for a long working life under tough conditions and is rated to a depth of 80m. Yet it is more compact and lighter than many plastic competitors. So its great for overseas trips - camera, housing and T Flash (not included) weigh under 5kg, so it can travel in your hand luggage. Controls are placed to maximise ease of use, so no fumbling and no missed shots. A Nikonos flash socket is standard, so you can choose from the widest possible range of strobes (I have been using an Inon Z220s). Interchangeable flat and dome ports for standard and wide angle lenses, with the option of adding the Nexus wet lens for super-macro photography. Further information regarding the Nikon Coolpix 5000 can be found here... http://www.nikonusa.com/template.php?cat=1...productNr=25501 Further information regarding the CP5000 housing can be found here... http://www.uk-germany.com/english/uwg_digital_nikon_coolpix5000.html ://http://www.uk-germany.com/english/u...olpix5000.html ://http://www.uk-germany.com/english/u...olpix5000.html This is a semi-pro setup for a serious underwater photographer, but will just as easily suit someone who has a passion for the marine environment and is just venturing into the world of underwater photography. The package includes the following accessories and additional extras, as follows... · WC-E86 wide-angle lens (equivalent to 19-35mm) · UR-E5 step down ring adapter · 2x EN-EL1 Lithium Ion rechargable batteries · 1x Duracell Emergency Battery · EH-53 AC Adapter · UV Filter · C-PL Polarising Filter · ND4 & ND8 Neutral Density Filters · HN-5000 Lens Hood · Nikon Filter Wallet · 5xCompact Flash Cards (3x64Mb, 1x128Mb, 1x256Mb) · Tamrac Compact Flash Card Wallet · Tamrac Digital Camera Bag · Camera Strap In response to some enquiries the housing comes with the wide-angle dome port so the WC-E68 lens, and your choice of other lenses, can be used underwater. The setup is perfectly neutrally bouyant when used with the WC-E68 lens. The port has no scratches or defects. I am looking for £700 o.n.o for the entire setup. Postage options can be discussed. Please contact me using gstoyle@gmail.com - I will gladly send any more info or pictures if required.
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