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  1. Well...I finally got my house retrofitted and took the whole rig to Bonaire for a week long test. What a sweet system! I was impressed with the job Reef photo did and it works so well. I don't know how i managed without a vacuum system before. The peace of mind is worth every penny i spent. Just to look at the light after changing the system from wide to macro before a dive and not to worry about the possibility of leaks was awesome. I spent a total of 29 hours under water without a thought about the housing. The led is easy to see in day light as well as under the water. I left the system powered on the whole week and the battery is still fine. Thanks for all the feed back. If there are any questions I can answer feel free to ask. Regards, Steve
  2. I too am using the Sola photo 800 and have been pleased with it's performance using my 100mm macro. Steve
  3. Thanks everyone for all the positive feedback. I also could not find the parts from Nauticam to install myself so I just sent the housing in for an upgrade and service. I cannot wait to get it back and take it for a test dive. I will post an update as soon as baby returns. Steve
  4. I know that there are several post regarding vacuum leak detectors but I am looking for some feed back from Nauticam user that have had the housing upgraded to the new detectors. 1. How do you like the new detector? 2. Do you feel it was worth the price of the upgrade? 3. Have there been any trouble? I am considering sending my housing in for this upgrade and can not find anyone who has talked about it since it was introduced. Any thoughts would helpful. Regards, Steve
  5. Greetings, My name is Steve and i have been diving since 1979 and following Wetpixel for more than 4 years. I looking forward to all the wonderful insights and conversation.
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