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  1. Another consideration at Marsa Shagra is that you're free to dive the home reef as much as you can and it's easy to make looooonng bottom times daily.
  2. I,ve been there in feb08 and the scenery is something hard to forget. Shaab Claudio reef is one of the most known dives in the Fury shoals reef system. Can be reached by dayboats, but only from the southernmost diving operators in Port Hamata region.
  3. The results have been announced last Saturday in Nova Gorica. Welcome to see the top 10 photos for each category in the gallery under this LINK. Grand prix in open categories was won by Michele Davino, while the prix for compact categories by Dejan Mavric. Congratulations to all WP members or readers and thanks for their contribution to this event with so many beautiful pictures. See you next year...
  4. Hello, Just booking a flight to Marsa Alam for the next Red Sea trip which will occur in february 2009. I'll stay in a hut at Marsa Shagra. Anyone been there in that period of year? Any suggestions or specialties regarding the period? Thanks and cheers. Dejan
  5. Few days left to enroll to the contest, so please burn a CD and run to the post office. The main prizes come from SEACAM and DIVE INDONESIA.
  6. All of you are kindly welcome to present some great photos to 11th VODAN underwater photography festival to be held in October in Nova Gorica, Slovenia. The deadline to receive your entries is 10th September 2008. Details, rules and entry form in pdf document following this LINK. We are looking forward to see you. Best regards and safe dives. Dejan Mavric
  7. Hello, I'm considering G9 and am on decision point about the housing. You here mention that two button operation is needed in A and S modes. My doubt is how isi it possible to set the parameters in M manual mode. Any experiences? Thanks and regards.
  8. I have another example, altough the shot is by far not so perfect as Alex's. Male grey wrasse got his vivid coloration, period. Maybe for an observer or judge it all ends here and the angle of the shot would mean negative points. But the story of the image continues on the seabed, as the fish started gathering shells, weed and other materials to build the nest, where he'll attract 2 or more females to lay their eggs. link to the image All the best
  9. http://www.underwatercompetition.com/owu2008-winners.php Thanks to all for some beautifull shots. Congratulations to participants, specially to WP members and specially to Borut Furlan who I meet on national and local contests.
  10. On such issues there's no evidence and only the photo's author knows. However knowing a bit of this mediteranean species I can only express some reasonable doubt. Evidently the jury didn't care because quite similar photo from the same author came 1st last year in macro prints category.
  11. Plenty of well known italian names, most of them present also at 10th VODAN this year. I've seen some images there too and from there still remain some doubts open. Specially I'd like to hear comments on macro prints category, 2nd place, 4th place and HM Crown of Janolus. Actually I've never seen a Dondice banyulensis or a Janolus cristatus or any other animal to succeed to climb on a Spirographis spallanzani. More likely but still unnatural seems the crab on a pelagic Rhizostoma pulmo, unless it's dead and therefore on a seabed. The best in show is realy beautifull, reminds me Viora 3rd place in freshwater VODAN07. Regards, Dejan
  12. My friend used Olympus C-5060 in PT-020 housing and on saturday's dive it flooded. Looking to purchase a used C-5060, but the idea was to take a C-7070 if it can be used in PT-020. Some sources say that PT-020 is suitable for C-5060 only, while PT-027 is suitable for both models 5060 and 7070. Anyone has some experience and could explain the actual difference between PT-020 and PT-027 which could be the reason not to use the 7070 in PT-020. Thanks and regards.
  13. am interested. I guess the shippment from Spain to Slovenia wouldn't cost me an eye. What price you had in mind???
  14. Dejan

    Close-up lens

    That's exactly the point of my question. I don't care about corrosion on the aluminium ring, pressure is not an issue, thread diameter can be adjusted by step-up rings, etc. It's the optics that counts. To have e.g. +2 underwater as a wet lens what diopter should be the lens on dry land???
  15. Hello, maybe I could figure this out by myself, but hopefully someone didi it before and would be kind enough to share. The idea is to take a close-up lens that is usually used on dry land and has e.g. +2 diopter like this one How it would behave when I would screw it on the port of the housing the same as the wet lenses are used. Having water on both sides of the lens, the depth pressure is not an issue. It's the optics that interests me. Thanks and regards.
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