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  1. I'm selling a used Ikelite 6171.05 acrylic housing for use with a Panasonic LX5 or Leica D-Lux 5 compact camera. Housing was last used about a year ago and has approximately 30 dives on it. Was always soaked in fresh water post dive and stored sealed. O-Ring appears to be in good condition, but buyer should inspect and service if needed. Diffuser and red filter included. Selling as the camera its self died (cracked lens, unrelated to housing) and I decided to go in a different direction. Housing: $175 (Optional) Dual Ikelite Tray (2 handles): $75 PM me if interested.
  2. Strobe is in excellent condition, 2 years old, and only used on approximately 20 dives. Recently switched to an (incompatible) Sea & Sea rig, so trying to find a good home for the strobe. Strobe + Sync Cord: $375. PM me if interested...
  3. Hi, Jared here from San Francisco. As an occasional U/W amatuer photog, I've lurked on these forums for many years. I dive primarily in Hawaii and Southeast Asia with a bit of local experience in Monterey. Recently switched to a Sea & Sea rig and am looking for parties interested in purchasing some of my Ikelite gear.
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