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  1. Hi, I found an used EPL1 with its olympus housing, the 14-42 and the UFL1 for 500€. I know this flash isn't the best but it sounds like a good way to start, would you recommend it ?
  2. I meant I'm kind of new to underwater photography, in terms of diving I'm an advanced open water diver. Thanks for your input. Any advice on the flash, is it really necessary ?
  3. Hi, I'm looking for a micro 4/3rd or compact camera with housing. My budget is 600€ I would also be interested in a flash for 200€. I don't mind where you send it from as long as you're ok with shipping it to Belgium or France
  4. Hi, I'm looking for a camera to start diving with. I have a budget of 600€ and was considering buying used gear. I was thinking buying a compact camera or a micro 4/3rd setup as they are cheaper than SLRs. What would you recommend I look into ? thanks for your help
  5. Hi, I'm Sacha from Belgium. I'm looking forward for some tips and some advice to buy a camera with housing
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