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  1. I need everything 'wet' for this set-up but might not be able to afford it all in one go depending what is for sale. If anyone has something please let me know.
  2. If you would consider selling things separately where would you price the Tokina lens?
  3. Hi, I know you said you're away and prefer not to split however I am not in a rush. Therefore I just wanted to register some interest in the Tokina lens if you had a price in mind? If so I would appreciate some images if you could take some photos for this thread or PM them to me. Thanks
  4. MJ98

    WTB: UWL-04

    Hi, I am looking for a UWL-04 for an Olympus TG-3. Based in the UK but happy to pay postage from overseas if the price is reasonable. Thanks
  5. Hi All, I'm looking for an L-Type Sea and Sea Fiber Optic cable at a reduced price and was curious if anyone had one they could spare or wanted to get rid of? I'm in the UK and as i say i'm looking to spend as little as possible as i can barely afford the rig i'm getting as it is! Thanks, MJ98
  6. Hi Ammar, Thanks for your suggestions. I think I have been swayed towards sticking with my Canon as I think the image quality will be far superior if set up correctly. I have since looked at budget Meikon and Polaroid housings which take the standard 18-55m lens only. I feel as I am more trying this out I would be okay to do this in order to save money. So now I just have to get one of those housings, a strobe and then the mounting, handles etc for using it properly. One thing I haven't looked in to yet is, are strobes generally universal? By this I mean, you just need to make sure the strobe has the the right connections and then any should work with my camera? Thanks
  7. Hi all, I'm going to be snorkelling and hopefully diving on the Great Barrier Reef next year and had a question. I am on a budget and considering these: 1. My EOS 600D with a cheap housing (example: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/50m-160ft-Waterproof-Underwater-Housing-Case-For-Canon-EOS-600D-Camera-/360619529436) - £200-£250. 2. An underwater compact that goes around 15m - £200-250 3. An underwater compact plus a housing to go deeper - £500 I'd prefer to go for the cheaper options but my problem is this: - If I go deeper, I assume I need strobes for options 1 and 3 which adds another £200-300 - Will I miss a lot if I don't go deeper, or will I see plenty up to 15m? I just don't want to miss something based on the depth of photos I can take (for example if I went shark diving). - At 10-15m with option 2, would I need a strobe or would the light be bright enough? Also if you have any input on my compact choices, I am considering the Olympus TG-2 (maybe TG-3 depending on reviews), the Lumix FT5 (will there be an FT-6 soon?) and the Pentax WG-3. I don't care about photos on land at all from the compacts so if anyone has experience with the 3 I'm looking for the best light, colour and sharpness underwater, allowing good photos as deep as possible. Thanks for any enlightenment, I am a novice to this and would like to try it out and experience the best that I can on a budget. Martyn
  8. Hi all, New member from the UK looking for advice and tips for U/W photography.
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