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  1. Hello Everyone, I'm hoping to clear out the some space in the studio for some new projects and am dropping the price of the Aquatech NY-4 housing ( fits Nikon D4 or D4s) to $950 + shipping and transaction fees. Please contact me at: mike@olavistaphotography.com Thanks, Mike
  2. Hello everyone, price drop for this Aquatech NY-4 housing only $1100 + shipping and any transaction fees. I'm based in the San Diego area for local transactions. Please contact me if you have any questions. Thanks, Mike
  3. Hello everyone, all the ports are sold but the housing is still available - price dropped to $1350
  4. The 50mm port is sold but the housing and the two remaining ports are still available. Thanks, Mike
  5. Hello, I'm selling my Aquatech NY-4 Sport Housing and ports. This housing is for the Nikon D4 or D4s. Ports are for Nikon 50mm (LP-5), 16mm fisheye (LP-1N) and 14-24mm (LP-1NZ). The housing and ports are in very good condition and are one year old. Individual prices are: NY-4 Housing Only = $1400 LP-5 50 mm port = $150 LP-1N 16mm fisheye = $300 LP-1NZ = $400 Discount for housing + all ports = $2100 Shipping and Insurance not included. Please contact me at: mike@olavistaphotography.com Thanks, Mike
  6. Keep in mind the size of the company, the target market and length of time they want to use the image. Beyond this, remember the investment cost of your equipment and expertise. Most folks in the marketing dept of these companies understand the value of good imagery. Using the Getty listening rights calculator can be a good starting point. Congratulations on the prospect of working with this company.
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