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  1. What timing. I have an Ike housing for the rebel xt, 8in dome and the macroport as well. Haven't had a chance to look at prices but guess I will do that this weekend.
  2. http://www.fiberopticproducts.com/ I purchased from them a while back. Quick and inexpensive
  3. Bought a Canon 350d xt, Sigma 15mm FE, and slapped them into an Ikelite with an 8" dome which arrived today. My wife told me to get out of the bathtub so I was unable to get any decent shots with it. Going to try and get some water time this weekend in a new quarry around here. Thank you dhaas and other Ike users for the info -me
  4. Has anyone ordered this connector online yet and if so from whom? Thanks
  5. The Amphibico housing I have has elcetronic controls for power/zoom/pre-shutter. The housing plugs into your camera in the port located on the lense to the right of the flash. It looks like Amphibico had imitated the Sony "Remote Commander" which can be found in accesseries for the f707 and f717. Without the pre-shutter button, you will probably have a difficult time holding the shot. You may be able to modify the Remote Commander and your housing but would require some cutting and drilling...
  6. Eauboy, Problem is not the housing or strobe. It is the way the F707 works. What you see through the LCD or viewfinder is what the camera believes it will record without flash. There is no workaround other than using a large light source to illuminate the subject. I have the same problem with my F707. I would continue using the manual settings and just learn to live with fact that you can't truly frame the subject until you half-depress the shutter. My housing has a "pre-shutter" button which makes it easy for me to do this. The pre-shutter is a function of the remote port on the camera. You can still get some good shots but you will have some difficulty shooting a subject that likes to move a lot. One away around that is to setup the shot prior to pointing at the subject. If you wish to record a picture of a shark as it swims within 2 feet of you, point the camera at your fin holding it 2 feet away, half-depress the shutter to set the focus and hold that until the shark comes around. Tedious, yes, but it does work. Good luck Mark
  7. Congrats on the pictures and what's this about taking a month off to go diving... ? Diving not good enough for you in St Croix hehe Have fun Kasey Mark
  8. Looking to travel in Jan or Feb. I don't have much info. I'm normally limited by money which makes most of my dive trips easy to plan. I am guessing that 15k for a week excluding airfare is possible. Problem with live-aboards is the crowd and I don't think he would charter a boat with that many cabins not to mention the size of the cabins. I had been looking at chartering a private yacht but don't know much about that. Those prices run into the mid 20k's and that may be pushing his generosity. Sorry for all the vague info but as I said, I have not planned a trip like this before.
  9. My situations is that the boss wants me to set up a trip for 4 of us. He will expense the whole trip. He suggested Indonesia but I would rather South Pacific or Carribean. three of us are divers, the fourth will get certified prior to the trip. Accomadations must be excellent. If we stay on shore, I would expect that he would charter the whole boat (he doesn't like crowds). Other option would be to just charter a large boat w/ compressor. Ease of diving is what I am looking for. Have been to Bonaire but don't think the accomodations are good enough for him. Any thoughts as to where to dive as well as resorts or boats? Thanks Mark
  10. I'm using the F707 with an Amphibico housing... well you can see the info below my post. Also have a wide angle wet lens. Been pretty lazy and haven't posted any pics since I purchased the WA and strobe. Have been looking at the Gates housing. Send me an e-mail if there are any specific questions you have.
  11. If you still want to paint your fins try Plastidip . There is onther product called DipIt. Both products are Latex used to coat tool handles and such. Can be found at Ace, HomeDepot, Lowe's ... If you are looking for a different twist or colors, try LiquidLatex.net .... Not sure why I know the last link.
  12. My wife and I will be taking our first liveaboard on the Aquacat in Sept and yes I know that it is the rainy season (go when you can go). I was wondering if anyone has some pictures of the Aquacat (specifically the photo station) that are not from the marketing department of Aquacat? Thanks Mark
  13. Depressing the shutter release button half-way to engage the auto-focus: Pre-shutter The question was not "is my light puny?" I know it's puny. I only used the video light to assist in focusing the shot as well as hoping to see the shot through the viewfinder. Let me re-phrase the question. Under low light conditions, using the higher f-stops and faster shutter speeds, do the professional or high-end consumer cameras have difficulty displaying the framed shot through the viewfinder or LCD panel without pressing any buttons?
  14. I finally stepped away from the “full auto” mode this past weekend and must say that I have a lot more color and blue water in my pictures. My camera has a max f8 and while I shot at f8 and 1/125, I had the deepest blues but I ran into a problem while trying to frame the shot. Without going into pre-shutter, there isn’t enough light passing through the lens for me to see the shot even with a 10wHID light on the subject. When I pre-shutter, I’m assuming that the lens opens up to allow more light because I’m able to see the image through the LCD panel. Unfortunately, pre-shutter only last a few seconds and then back to darkness. Meanwhile I have my head buried behind the housing and unless I tie the subject down, they swim out of frame without me knowing it. I will continue to experiment with f-stop and shutter speed to better understand the lighting and water conditions which will influence my settings. Most of those shots taken f8 and 1/125 were at 30m and turned out dark (I need more practice). My question is do others have the same problem of not being able to see through VF or LCD panel prior to pre-shutter at the higher f-stops/shutter, or is this a limitation of my camera (Sony F707)? Thanks for any feedback, Mark
  15. Richard, Nice pics, Bali is on our list of "Must Do". As far as another album/gallery, you might want to look at pbase.com . They have started charging but it start's at $23/year. The nice thing is that you can link directly to the pictures instead of providing a link. I've found that people here are less likely to jump to another site to look at pictures so it is nice for them to display directly on Wetpixels.
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