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  1. Hi BCT, thanks for the insights. Is it possible to get any raw footage from you, please? Just a few seconds clip will do. Ideally ambient light, deep water. The deeper the better. I am planning to use it at 35-45m during freediving.
  2. I understand the artificial light suggestion, of course I considered (and used) it before, but not my cup of tea (more components into the system + 'artificialness' of the final image in terms of lighting and colours) Why is it not? What could you push further 8bit or 10bit or 12bit?
  3. Thanks for the interest. Just some background for you, guys: all filming to be done in freediving (spearfishing to be exact). Ambient light only. All scenes to be filmed as a pursuit (3-4m from the subject) from the surface to the bottom, to the surface. Dive times 2-3min, depths down to 40m. My expectations are all about flexibility with colour in post. And I am not much interested in JUST pulling the reds back. I found Sony footage to be quite weak when it comes to colour depth (ah, those WB issues too). If my memory doesn't fail me then I think there was much more colour info retained in the Gopro Protune footage (I could look up the waveform grabs from Resolve if you are interested). But in both scenarios, if you are a bit too aggressive with the grade then the footage just starts to fall apart (yummy colour blocking). So its a 8bit 420 vs 12bit. Which are miiiiles apart.
  4. Happy new year, everybody. I am interested in a small RAW video capable setup for deep clear water+ambient light. My options are thus limited to BM with the original Poclet and a new Pocket 4K. Before jumping onto the bandwagon I would love to take a look/have a play with the original CDNG/BRAW footage from the cameras mentioned above. Are there any users on the forum who would be super kind to supply me with such footage, please? Ideally from waters deeper than 25m and ambient light...
  5. Wow glewbel, that's a very nice move. Don't see this kind of stuff very often
  6. Interceptor121 and hellhole, thanks for your input. It might be a bad idea, but I (still tend) to believe that it might not be as bad as you think. The Recsea housing I am talking about is decently priced + has a I-i-Das's UWL04 on it. Thats the ideal setup off the wall. The camera will be used to capture video (freediving 40m+) and I believe the plastic might not be able to maintain the rhythm From what I understand off the Sea&Sea MDX RX100 manual, the bumper kit is just the rubber padding: 4 of them is for the lcd area + 2 for the rotaries. And thats it. I wonder how difficult would it be to replicate those. The difficulty could be related to the internal layout of the buttons/rotaries, as different housings adopt different implementation scenarios...
  7. Hi, fellow aquamen (and aquawomen) Here is a question for people familiar with Sea&Sea RX100 housing. I am considering purchasing a RecSea housing for an RX100 (yes a Recsea) and I would love to hear what is that pad inside your SEA&SEA that makes it compatible to both RX100 and RX100M2... How do the dimensions of RX100 and RX100M2 differ? Only the hotshoe? Other than that they look identical to me... Its the first step on cramming a RX100M2 into a Recsea's RX100 housing
  8. Hi guys, I am looking for a complete RX100/Rx100ii setup. Ideally, an RX100ii with a housing (aluminium, please... Its for deep stuff) and a wide angle lens. My budget is flexible but, after some looking around I could easily pick up: new RX100ii with a set of cards, batts, extras for $650 off ebay/amazon. new housing (Acquapazza/Patima/Sea&Sea) for $700/$900 off divervision but I decided to see if any of you have a used set to offer... So please, reasonable offers only Thank you for your attention, Ciao!
  9. Yes, hellhole, I know. Something about 3mm, right? Do you think that those 3mms are super crucial? I doubt that those big brands would actually redesign the housing's thickness, rather play with the length of the control dials etc.
  10. Hi, all! Does anyone have first hand experience with "similar make - different model" housings for Sony RX100/ii? For example, what's is the difference in Nauticam's/Recsea's/Acquapazza's housings for Rx100 and the mk2? Sea&Sea offers a "bumper pack" with its MDX-RX100 housing so that it could be used with both models. Is it possible to make the sane kit for other housings too?
  11. Greetings to all underwater dwellers! I am looking for a Sony rx100/rx100m2 with an underwater housing. I am in for a second hand unit, hence the conditions of the cam could be "used". However, lets keep it reasonable, please
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