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  1. Hi Rebecca, - Any news from L&M on how to clean properly the handle buttons? "The buttons are found behind the circuit board but you have to be careful as the board is held in place not only by 3 screws but also two pins that then have to rethread through the circuit board when you reassemble. You can then remove the rings holding the buttons in place to clean them." : Does that mean that I can cautiously disassemble the two pins by myself to access the buttons or do I need to have that done by a light and Motion service technician? Any little picture of the inside of the handdle? I have myself an old bluefin and by experience I regularly had the 2 following frequent problems: 1. the replacement of the small battery inside the handle (easy to do on your model?) 2. and the circuit board of the monitor which was defective. (Any problem of this kind on yours?) Thanks Best regards Muriel Muriel
  2. Hi Rebecca, Thanks for your answers. Looking forward to reading your L&M dealer response. Regards Muriel
  3. Few additional questions/ 1. you said "buttons on the handles are slightly sticky (e.g. zoom buttons) but that is easily remedied by a good soak or if you want you can disassemble the handles and do a proper clean." How do you disassemble the handle? Is it easy to clean? Can you remove the buttons one by one to clean it? 2. How do you download pictures from the cam to the computer? USB cable or other? 3. As this housing is not sold and produced anymore by light and motion, how do you eventually find some spare parts? Thanks in advance. MH
  4. Hi Rebecca, Is your equipment still on sale? Small question: when was the last time the equipment was cleaned/serviced by light & motion? Thanks in advance. Best regards. Muriel Hombroise
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