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  1. Has anyone heard fo any reports of how the Spegal Grove did in Katrina. I know it was roled unright by Dennis, I just hope Katrina didn't go any damage. I havn't had a chance o dive it since Dennis Jeff Van Etten Pensacola, FL.
  2. James, I am new to this site so I hope this works, I would like to know how well useing the diffrent settings on the strobe to make the photo come out correct work. What kind of range does it have in say 25 foot viz. water. The big thing I am a little unsure of is the way the fiber optic cable attaches to my Sony houseing. Looks like it is via a self adsive velcro, any thoughts on how this will work? This is a camera that my wife will bw useing mostly and she is a very novic photo diver, I do U/W video mostly. Thanks, Jeff
  3. We have decided to get a strobe for our Sony Dig. cam in Sony houseing. We are thinking about the Sea & Sea YS-25 Auto, it uses a fiber optic cable thet sticks ( Via. self adsive velcro ) to the houseing to fire the strobe. Does anyone have any thoughts on this setup? I know there is realy no way to TTL a flash like this so we thought this would be the best setup. Thanks, Jeff
  4. I have a new Sony DCS-W-7 W/ houseing and I am considering getting the Sony HVL-ML20M Video Light to use with this system. Does anyone have any experince or thoughts on this light? I think this is a 20 watt light. Is this enough or would a slave flash be better, and if so which one?
  5. We have a new Sony DCS-W7 digital cam and we are getting a sony housing for it. Should we go with a slave strobe or a video light, and which ones, Sony sells a video light that looks very compact but how good is it?
  6. We have just bought a new Sony DCS-W7 digital cam. Sony dosn't sell a flash with it, and I understand slave flashes are a little trickey with the digital cams. Sony does sell an underwater video light, asking for advice on useing a video light for this cam? I have a u/w video system with 2 lights a 50 and 100 watt. They light up well just not very far out. Thanks, Jeff
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