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  1. Hello !Steve!and Swiftff! Thanks for the reply but still not work. The batteries are ok . Steve! I've checked The IR Sender on the Inside but nothing . I'm getting crazy!!! I still not find a solution... Cheers, Rebecca
  2. I've checked and the right handle has the menu .I don t know how i've done that!!!! no contact with the left handle...the handles switched...do you understand what I mean. The housing and camcorder have 10 dives when I bought them. Somebody!have a solution?!!!Thanks again for the reply
  3. Thanks a lot, for the advice,i 'm going to check it and let you know. Thanks you for the advice and i 'm going to check it and let you know...
  4. Hello, Sorry if my English is not great ...I've just bought the camcorder Canon XA10 with the housing L&M bluefin pro oled. Since few days,I do not have any contact with the left handle from the housing.So,I can not use the function with the arrows. Please,somebody can help me how to find the solution?
  5. Hello, I'm Rebecca from France.I've been diving since 25 years . I'm new on wetpixel .I've just bought a camcorder Canon XA10 and light&motion Bluefin pro oled housing
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