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  1. Wow, beautiful. Have you cropped because you said 8mm Fisheye used? Very Nice and thanks for sharing
  2. Going to sell whole set of the followings, anyone interest please drop me PM. 1. Anthis Nexus Nikon D200 Housing converted to D300s early 2012 by sending back to Japan factory (both optical and sync cord can be used) 2. AF-S 60 Macro Port (Anthis M5 Flat Port MP60-5 for 60mm macro #16360) 3. Extension add on to use AF-S 105VR Marco (Anthis M5 Port Extension 30mm PE30-5 #18333) 4. 160 mm Glass Dome Port (Anthis M5 Optical Fisheye Port FP160-5 #16355) 5. Dome port Hood (Anthis Lens Hood LH-FP160 for Dome Port FP160 #18324) 6. Zoom Gear for Tokina 10-17 Please note that such housing was converted from D200, there is no right button on back panel. I am going to ask for USD$2,000.00 for whole set above. If no negotiation, the pair inon ball arm attached will be a gift. Please refer picture showed. Items are in Hong Kong and Buyers pay postage. Thanks Inon Ball Arms not included Plastic band round the port is just float material, can be removed.
  3. HI, I am new from HK. Just to say Hello to everybody. In return my new join, share a picture and hopefully can learn more from you guys.
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