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  1. What do you want to take pictures of? No sense someone recommending an ultra wide (weitwinkel) if you dive where there is no visibility. Rick
  2. I guess it comes down to definition of big Pelagics. We see mantas in the Maldives every year. Last year we had 9 with us most of a dive. We had a couple dives with 100+ sharks. We saw mobular rays, tuna, and other cruisers. All of those are typical pelagic species. But, if I were going on a trip to focus on those types, the Maldives probably wouldnt be my first choice. The mantas are seasonal and location dependent, plus the manta diving or more cleaning sites. The sharks are 3-4m grey reef sharks which while cool are not big ocean going sharks like I think of for pelagics. You might see a handful of tuna in a two week trip, almost always in singles. No doubt the Maldives is very fishy. Reef fish schools (snappers, jacks, others) in the thousands in plenty of places. Smaller colourful reef fish uncountable. It just isnt the place I think of when someone says pelagics. Thanks, Rick
  3. I wouldn’t call the Maldives the place for big Pelagics. That time of year the Red Sea wouldn’t be a bad choice. That isn’t the time for the sardine run at aliwal shoal(June/July). 11-14 hours from the UK will get you to the pacific and it won’t be that far for your friend. Rick
  4. We do two morning dives and then come back to the island. Occasionally I will do an afternoon dive or snorkel but not most days. So the iPads and phone/kindle can charge during the morning when we are diving and the camera kit in the afternoon and night. So 8 batteries for the strobes and 6 for the torch works. 3 batteries plus iPads charge while we dive, 8 plus camera while we beach. Alternate that set of 3 on the torch. Heck, if I only take one battery aa charger and it takes under 3 hours to charge I can swap before dinner and have them all when I get back. That will save another charger space in my backpack . I’m liking the options here. Thanks Rick
  5. How long did it take to charge up the batteries with those chargers? You have me intrigued since I am off to the Maldives in 3 weeks. My strobes and torches are all AA batteries (video light is still big) but we use 11 in a day of diving (2 strobes with 2 batteries each, changed between dives just in case, 3 in my wife’s torch). I have used a 4 bay intellicharger plus a 4 bay Duracell charger and changed things out after dinner and before bed. I also swap out my olympus batteries between dives so two of them a day to charge. Both the olympus and intellicharger take figure 8 plugs and I have short cords but the are still cords. We also don’t travel with laptops but have 4 Apple devices to charge so USB is my default anyway. It would be great to consolidate. Thanks Rick
  6. Have you priced out dslr housings and ports vs mirrorless ones? Last I checked, the price difference would account for you already owning the camera. I did it looking at my d90 a couple years ago and ended up going to olympus mirrorless. If you are only talking em1 mk2 then maybe not, but worth pricing out a full setup before you decide. Rick
  7. Dome and adapter now sold. Lens is going back to Olympus for fixing and will be sold later. Thanks Rick
  8. As neutral as possible and balanced front to back if possible. Sometimes I just let go of the camera for a second and it stays where it is. I also take it snorkelling so neutral suits me best. Rick
  9. Hi Trevor, I have the zen wa-100 dome/port which is perfect for the 9-18 and the ep13 housing natively. I also have the adapter for the omd housings so it will work with the em5 mk1 and em1 housings should you change later. I’m also in the south so easy to meet up. PM me if you are interested. Thanks Rick
  10. Still available and open to offers. Im heading to the US for Christmas which would make US shipping easier. Thanks Rick
  11. Do you have to have the 12-40? The rest is a small set and needs a tiny dome set. I shot/shoot the 9-18 and 60 macro behind the zen 100mm and it is a small travel set up. The 8mm Panasonic needs another dome, but it is small. Rick
  12. I’m only in surrey, so an easy meet to check it all out if you want. Send me a pm if you are interested and we can work something out. Rick
  13. Camera capability for me. I started on a g9 canon in canon housing as it was small to carry and I didn’t know how much I would stick to it. It was good to start but I grew out of the autofocus capability quickly. It was great for macro but anything moving was a challenge. I didn’t have a light or strobe either. Then an epl1 came up used with everything- strobe, dome, wide angle lens, etc which was a great upgrade. Photo quality improved a ton. Wide angle was a big improvement with the lens and dome. Autofocus wasn’t good enough. About that time the em5 mk2 was just out so the mk1 were being cleared and I picked one up. Another big improvement. It does everything I want, though I want to go a bit wider and upgraded the lenses so I need to do some other upgrades for the dome.
  14. Hi thom If the lens is the deal breaker there are plenty available used in the price range through both retailers like mbp and forums like Talkphotography. I’d be happy to help. This is a cracking setup I see you are in the UK. Roughly whereabouts are you? Thanks Rick
  15. Hi. Yes the dome and all accessories are available. The lens seems to have been damaged in transit. Thanks Rick
  16. All back up for sale. Buyer didn’t know what he was buying and it doesn’t work for his setup. Rick
  17. Same experience here. I started with some used ones, bought some cheap ones, bought some expensive ones. Mixed bag on the cheapies but the good stuff is like brand new. I’ll always use 1” ball fittings so buy once and forget about it. Rick
  18. Still looking. Also looking for the dome itself. Thanks Rick
  19. And you don’t have to lug a housing the size of a breadbox with you. If you travel, it is a consideration. I shoot an em5 in an olympus housing and my dual strobes, tray, handles, lenses, housing, camera, etc (everything to shoot underwater) fits in a backpack in addition to my iPad, various chargers, all batteries and cables, focus light, and more. Can’t do that with a dslr rig. Thanks, Rick
  20. Hi all, Im moving into an Inon 170 dome for the pro lenses on my em5. I have the lenses now so need to start gathering the ports. Per the title Im looking for a 2 Inon extension, the Inon port adapter for an olympus e system, and ideally the Inon 170 dome. Id consider 1 extensions also if you have one or two spare. Im in the UK but would consider most sources. Thanks, Rick
  21. Hi all, I have the 9-18 olympus lens and associated zen dome (Olympus housing fit) for sale. The dome is designed for the PEN housings but I also have the OM-D adapter for anyone shooting an em1 or em5 mk1 in an olympus housing. Ive had the lens and dome for a couple years now and have about 75 dives on them. I pick3 up the adapter 2 years ago with my em5 and it has about 50 dives on it. All are in great condition. The port will be boxes in the original box. I dont think I have the lens box, but if I do it is included. Also included is the zoom gear. All are located in the UK so UK or eu buyer preferred but Im heading to the US in 6 weeks so am not opposed to a US sale either. Lens- £300 Dome- £300 Adapter- £100 Buy them all for £650. Shipping in the UK included. Thanks Rick
  22. Don’t discount the 9-18 either. My current setup is the 9-18 plus 60 macro, both behind the zen 100mm dome on an olympus housing. Overall a very good pair for diving anything I could do. I’m moving to the 7-14, but only because I want a bit wider. The 7-14 is a lot bigger lens. If you are traveling, take that into account. The 9-18 is 2” diameter and 3” long. Feather weight. The 7-14 is 3” in diameter and 4” long. It is about 5x as heavy by my ultra scientific hand gauge. Thanks, Rick
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