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  1. Just an fyi for those that might be interested. I’ve listed my Fuji S2 camera body and Subal FS2 housing on eBAY this morning. eBAY auction number is 140249437850. Starting bid is only $200. Any questions, let me know Thanks, Doug
  2. Don't mean to be the grinch, but if you are shooting Nikon, do you reallly need it? I've been shooting (not very well mind you) Nikon/Ikelite equipment for close to 20 years. Started way back in '88 with my first Nikonos V. I now shoot Subal/Nikon D2x. In those 20 years and ~1000 dives (only 1 with out a camera) I had only 2, count them 2, issues with Nikonos style sync chords/connectors. First time was in the mid '90s in Catalina. Put the wrong o-ring on the Nikon side of my Nikon/Ike sync cord. Of course it flooded the sync socket and then some on my Nik V. Then about 3-4 years ago I had an issue with the Nikon side of an Ikelite sync cord and my Subal Fuji S2 housing on a dive in Kona. Flash's started firing randomly due to a flool most likely. After the dive before the next one, I disconnected the sync cord, pulled off the o-ring, fired some contact cleaner and then some compressed air to dry it, hooked it all back up and it started working perfectly again, in TTL no less. Bottom line, if the design works why change it, and if it ain't broke, why fix it.
  3. Yes, Marine Camera Dist. All my experiences with them have been very, very positive. They have a very large selection and great customer service. Don't bother with ABSea photo, last I was in there they didn't have much of the "state of the art stuff" (just compare web sites) and Allen will try to sell you what he wants, not what you want or need. Good luck!
  4. Has anyone used the YS110s with a D200 without the converter, just trying to shoot manual? I, like many others, had to send my converter in and am trying to still use the YS110s without it. For some reason with both strobes turned on (in manual mode) the camera doesn't fire. No picture, nothing. When the strobes are on, the Flash Sync box in the top display flashes on and off. Could this be similar to the D2x problem where one of the pins inside the hot shoe connector needed to be removed? Any insight would be most appreciated. Thanks, Doug
  5. I am also istill nterested but with out a firm date, I will probably move over to the S&S YS110 + iTTL converter soon and sell my Ikelite DS125s. Anyone with any first hande experience with these new S&S strobes and converter?
  6. Anyone heard any new news on the Ikilite Ittl sync cords? I checked the website and can't find any updates. Last I heard was March-06. Ike - What's the latest? Any guess as to what the cost is going to be? Thanks, Doug
  7. Ike - I didn't get an answer to my previous post. Please let me know if I'm reading you're earlier post right. If (1) I'm using new DS-125s or I get my current SS-200s updated + the new sync cord (which contains the iTTL converter) and (2) my Subal housing is correctly wired via the Nikonos connectors, then I should have iTTL functionality. Correct?
  8. Ike - If I'm reading this right, and (1) I'm using new DS-125s or I get my current SS-200s updated + the new sync cord (which contains the iTTL converter) and (2) my Subal housing is correctly wired via the Nikonos connectors, then I should have iTTL functionality. Correct?
  9. Per the Ikelite web site, in January and February they are going to be coming out with new DS-200 strobes and new sync cords that are apparently iTTL compatible. Per their website: "Coming soon are special iTTL sync cords that will allow the newest DS SubStrobe models to provide iTTL compatibility with non-Ikelite housings, and they will be available in single and dual strobe configuraions. Coming soon is a digital SubStrobe 200 with a flashy new name like DS-200 in the current gray color. The newest IC chips and IGBT circuitry are allowing this ultra-wide (weitwinkel) and ultra-powerful strobe to move into the digital world. It willl also accommodate an optional EV Manual Controller." I called and spoke to Tom at Ikelite and got some mixed messages. He said that the synch cords would only have Ikelite connectors on both ends, which means it will only be available for use with Ikelite housings. So, me with my Subal/D2x combo, am outta luck. Now, my wife just got me a new DS125 for Xmas. So, if I read the quote from the Ikelite website correctly, then with the new sync cord, I would get iTTL compatibility with my new flash. But this doesn’t jibe with what Tom told me. I’m confused. Has anyone heard anything to clarify this? Bottom line is, can I use my new DS125 with one of these new sync cords and get iTTL compatibility/functionality with my Subal/D2x combo? Also, assuming I can, would I be able to update my SS200 with the new circuitry to essentially become DS200 and also have iTTL compatibility/functionality? Any news/info would be much appreciated. Thanks, Doug
  10. Go with the 17-55mm lens. I just got it and it is an incredibly clean and crisp lens with my D2x. It is not wide enought to be a true W/A, but does ok. But it is great as a fish portrait lens.
  11. Hey Luiz - Just wanted to let you know that the 17-55mm is a great lens and works just fine with a 60mm ext. ring. The lens is a great lens for medium to large fish shots and, in a pinch will give you a moderate wide angle lens for scenics. It won't replace my 12-24 but is a very fun lens for in between wide angle and say, a 60mm macro. Doug
  12. Luiz, Got to use the 17-55mm over the weekend and the initial results with the 60mm ext ring do look promising. I have yet to really sit down and go through the pics in detail. When I do, hopefully later this week, I'll post more detailed results.
  13. Hi Luiz, I actually never got the 17-55 underwater while in Kona. I really focused on smaller critters (nudi's, frogfish, scorpionfish, etc.) and stayed with my 70-180. I going out locally on Saturday with the sole purpose of trying the 17-55 with the 60mm ring. I'll let you know how it works. Doug
  14. Do you have any contact info on them? Web address, phone number, physical address? Thanks, Doug
  15. Hi, I've shot the 17-35 extensively back in my film days. It is a great lens, but as was said, when you factor in the 1.5x that is caused by a small digital sensor, it is just not wide enough for true wide angle scenics. Hence the 12-24mm.... I did try the 17-35 with my new d2x and I liked the possibilities it has as a good shark/large fish lens so much that I went out and got the 17-55mm as a replacement. As far as the diopter, it was suggested I use a 2x for it. Also as an FYI, since I didn't have a 70mm ext ring and I'm leaving for Kona on Friday, I tried to stack a 40 + 33 with no luck... the lens is to thick up near the filter and won't work with the 40 +33 ext rings. Since I am leaving Friday and no one has a 70mm in the states, I am going to try a 60mm and see what I get. Anyone else with any UW experience with the 17-55mm in Subal rigs?
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