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  1. The port numbers are: 5503.5 6in Dome used for 10-22mm 5502 Standard Flat used for 60mm 5503 6in Dome used for 18-55mm http://www.ikelite.com/web_pages/2port_standard.html
  2. Give me a few hours and I'll get you those port numbers. And yes, shipping to the UK will be no problem. Sounds expensive, but I have not shipped anything overseas in quite some time, so maybe its not as bad as I remember. I'll get back to you soon Rick. Regards, Al
  3. For Sale: Underwater housing for CANON 20 D + equipment. Camera not included. Includes: (1) Ikelike underwater housing (2) Ikelite Ds125 strobes with batteries (all cords and 2 chargers) (3) multiple ports for the following lenses (50 or 60mm, 10-22mm, 18-55mm). (1) Pelican case. Ports have neoprene covers and zoom sleeves. Housing has been meticulously kept and has never been flooded. It is practically brand new. Housing was regularly serviced by Ikelite and as recent as last summer. It has not been in the water since servicing. Total dives with the housing is under 6. Total dives with strobes is 1. Please note this housing will only fit the Canon 20d. Pictured is approx $4000 worth of equipment new. Asking $1600 plus shipping. This is a steal for someone who has a 20d looking to be put to good use. I take extremely good care of everything I own. For all intents and purposes, this equipment is brand new. Reason for selling: I thought I would take more underwater photos, and the fact is I never get around to going out anymore. Thank You Alan Nelson Key West, Fl.
  4. Hey Cor, I can't help you with your question. But I am curious about it. I have just purchased the Spider2, and after calibrating my monitor...and viewing the before and afters screens, I couldn't tell a damn thing had changed! Maybe my monitor was already calibrated correctly? I feel like I wasted $200. I was on the splashdowndivers site and this is what it reads: I was bummed about the lack of info that came along with my spider...not sure what I was expecting...but I can tell you it was more than what I got. Respectfully, Al Nelson
  5. As I do not posses a laptop, but do have the firewire bus, the Sandisk sounds like the way to go. Since I never manage to get around to editing my home movies...at least the firewire will finally get utilized in some manner. Thanks a lot Doug. Al N.
  6. Thanks for the recommendations...I do appreciate it. Al N.
  7. I'm looking for a first hand recommendation for a CF card reader. I'm growing tired of hooking my camera up to my computer to download images. Thank you in advance for any advice. Al Nelson
  8. Please forgive my ignorance...but what is a focus/aiming light and why do I need one? Al N
  9. B, That sure did help. Thanks very much! Al Nelson
  10. Gentlemen, Thanks for all the insight...Mucho appreciado. Al Nelson
  11. My 2 new strobes have arrived, and I'm heading to the reef to shoot some wide angle stuff this Thursday. I'm not sure how to set up the strobes for a wide angle shot. After sniffing around the net, I came across this photo on the splashdowndivers site. Is this a good example of how I'll want to set up my strobes for general wide angle shots? I know I have to get out there and practice, but I at least want some point to start from, before making adjustments in the water. Any advice?
  12. Joe, Thanks for the response. Reading your reply got me really fired up to go for it next time the opportunity arises. Thanks Al Nelson
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