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  1. thanks Interceptor for the reply. if I get a 16-50 lens in the underwater case, am I able to zoom in and out right? it doesnt stay fix. also what I mean is, if it says that support 18-50mm lens, does it means that if I get a 60mm it won't fit in the housing?
  2. thank you for the reply. I usually dive only once or twice per year so I think that kind of underwater housing can be good for what I need, right? when you say that the case should go with the "16-50mm kit lens only", does it means that goes ONLY with that lens or up to a 50mm lens? so it can be a smaller lens, but not longer than 50 mm?
  3. oh I forgot to say, a lens like the sigma 18-35 F1.8 that I saw great reviews about, would it fit my a600 or does it needs an adaptator? I read that if you put an adaptator on a lens, the lens won't work with AF because it doesn't interface with the a6000 (in my specific situation). if this lens fit the a6000, would it be a good lens for underwater photos? cause I think it would be a good lens for normal usage (not underwater), correct me if I am wrong
  4. hello guys! I just found this forum, wow! great to meet you all. I used to have an underwater camera, nothing fancy it was a canon ixus. now I am thinking to buy a new camera for underwater and also for normal use. I think I will go for a next a6000 that I saw it does good videos too. As I am not a pro, I don't know much about lenses and adaptators and accessories... I am going crazy in order to understand what I should buy and don't buy something that it won't fit on the camera. what I would like to buy is: of course the camera, 1 lens for every use (like a 18-200mm?) and now I read that for underwater it is better (of course) to get a macro lens. then I need an undewater case up to 30-40 meters. questions: 1.can you please advices me and give me few options for a lens that goes around 18-200 mm? few options with different prices. 2. which camera lens for underwater photos? I like macros but should I go for a specific macro lens or more of a "normal" lens ? like 18-50mm ? of course a macro lens should be perfect for macro photos, but would I stil be able to take photos of, for example, more wider shots like other divers or whale shars? I know the question sounds stupid but do you know what I mean? I would like to have a lens (for underwater pics) that is good with different situations. as I am not pro, what do you advice? again please, different solutions with different prices. 3. underwater case up to 30-40 meters. I don't need anything fancy. I saw that there is a case from Nauticam that goes up to 100 meters, but it is expensive and that is not what I need. are the cases for a6000 all so expensive? nothing way cheaper? thank you guys for the reply, please try to be not toooo technical in the replies Emanuele
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