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  1. Thanks. I thought that may be the case. Regards mick
  2. Just curious if anyone had changed from the acrylic flat port to the glass one and if they noticed a difference? Regards mick Eidam
  3. I must agree. I have an Aquatica housing and am very pleased with it but all I see lately is people whinging about everything that housing suppliers do. The one that suprises me the most is the complaint " my port wont lock into position and can turn " well I used a Nik V for 15 years and I dont remember the lens locking on that. Take care of your equipment and take care when diving with it and you wont have a problem. Most of the problems I feel arise from a lack of knowledge with the product in use, we saw a guy assemble his housing on a small, moving dive boat with water spray comming over the top and he applied "o" ring grease like tooth paste around an already fitted "o" ring. Underwater photogpaghy is a small market and I feel the products that are out there are very good. The fear I have is that the housing suppliers are forced to come up with all the little gadgets that people ask for and we end up with housings that nobody can afford. Good work Aquatica. When I upgrade to a 40D? I will be knocking on your door. Mick
  5. I used my Sigma 50mm macro. This one I believe was a juvenile at about 200 mm. The father is supposed to be in the area as well but we could not find him. Regards Mick
  6. I saw probably the same program a couple of weeks ago but I am not sure if it is predictable. We were shown by the local divers in confidence but I am told they can be found at a few sites around the islands. Regards Mick
  7. Finally came across a Leafy in Albany , Western Australia
  8. Don't know if this is much help as I have a canon but I use my 10-22 zoom gear (18706) and just reverse it. Seems to work fine so far Regards Mick
  9. One of my YS90 Duo strobes died recently so I have replaced it with the new YS110 which arrived yesterday. It works fine apart from one small problem. If I fire the camera with the strobe turned off I get an error 99 mesasage on my camera which then requires rebooting. Easily solved - dont fire the camera with the strobe turned off but has anybody found an out for this problem. I only have the fire pin and earth connected in my housing but I doubt this would be the problem. Regards Mick
  10. I have used them for the past two months and find them no different as far as recycle times or number of flashes compared to my 2500mAh and they do seem to hold their charge Mick
  11. Thanks Jim I had a play with it last night and agree with what you say. I am going to use one of the extensions I have got and give it a try tommorrow. Thanks all Mick
  12. Marc I took a few shots with it last night (mainly macro) and found it to be very sharp. I have the canon 100 macro and at this point think that the sigma is as sharp as the canon. I have heard stories of bad copies but I would think that you would have to be pretty unlucky to get two. I too have heard great reports about this lens and am happy with the results. Regards Mick Eidam
  13. Hi Just picked up a Sigma 50mm macro ( EX DG ) and was wondering if anyone can tell me which extension ring to use if any with an Aquatica housing. I am thinking that if I set the lens to limit focus then I would not need an extension but I have not had a chance to check this out yet. Regards Mick
  14. Hello Alcina I have just started using this lense down here in Perth and it does take some getting used to but worth it. This was shot at f22 100/s
  15. Alex The visibility was up to 20m but the problems were more to do with the number of divers in the water. It was difficult to take any wide angle shots without divers or bubble streams in the background. These shots were taken right on the top of the wreck where the vis was best. Even so I had to clean a little backscatter from these. We went out with a company called Yongala Dive which operate a rib from the local beach. This meant a 30 minute boat ride where all the other operators did a 2.5 - 3 hr trip from Townsville giving us exclusive use on the first dive. BTW Alex, I have seen your photo's and they are far from flat. Mick
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