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  1. I have a Canon G6 camera with an Ikelite 6145 housing that was upgraded to a 6146 housing (HAS FULL TTL FUNCTIONALITY) by Ikelite (about 5 months ago) with the TTL cable and a DS-50 substrobe (plus a few extra o-rings) for sale. Everything you need to start taking good underwater photos with color. I have used this rig approximately 4 times at depths greater than 50 feet and about 6 times at 15 or less feet. All mostly on my last trip. Everything is in perfect working condition and has always been well cared for. Only reason I am selling is because I don't get to use it much. Please see my eBay username clintroberts for my perfect rating. I would rather sell here than put it on eBay because this is such a nice piece of equipment. E-mail me at clint@robertscj.com or call me at (817) 800-1077. Thanks!
  2. I have a JVC video camera DVM80 and associated Ikelite housing for sale. Anyone interested e-mail me an offer at robertsclint@yahoo.com. Have a picture if you would like to see what's included. i'll be throwing it on eBay soon if i don't get much response here.
  3. I work in a park in Central America where a large number of cruise passengers tourist go through a park with birds and monkey and scenery and my team of photographers take pictures and print out. The model of 200 tourist with 2-3 pics per person is too large to handle with 3 printers and viewing especially when the late groups have to get on the bus. So I would like to offer an online photo viewing, then printing and then shipping service for when they arrive back home. Anyplace stand out in your mind that could handle 500 pics a day 3 times a week 30 weeks out of the year that has an excellent user interface for me to upload but especially for the end user say something like a dedicated web page. Thanks, Clint robertsclint@yahoo.com
  4. Can you use the LCD screen to frame a picture on the Rebel XT or only the viewfinder.
  5. Okay I've seen picture set-ups for everyone's high dollar rigs with dual strobes using ballmounts with them set wide on each side. But if one was going to take shots with one DS-50 using the regular arm from Ikelite, should I place the strobe directly above (high or low) or beside (high or low) or wide (even). Is it better for the strobe to be even with the front of the camera lens or a little in front or behind. I plan on taking primarly pictures of people snorkeling underwater (I'll be maintianing position at 5 ft under water to shoot up), and then fish and reef shots at 40-50 feet when diving. Will these two different scenarios require different placement. Sorry for the basic question, I just have only seen the more elaborate set-ups and would like a little basic theory on strobe placement/angling. Is one constantly adjusting the strobe depending on which shot is coming available or do most keep their strobes set for most of the dive.
  6. Okay, I've throughly read relevant post and features regarding lighting and set-up and what settings others have used for their camera. I have a fairly good grasp on aperture, shutter speed, and ISO and how they affect exposure, mainly just by playing with the different settings. I currently am running a Canon G6 with manual controller and DS-50. I've played around with the different settings within the manual mode. How does one know one is getting proper exposure...from the way the picture looks or something in camera (histogram?). Or in other words, in manual mode I have selected a particular shutter speed and f-stop in the camera, how do I know what setting to put the manual controller on? Is it just by trial and error/what looks good?
  7. Since it does not appear that Ikelite will have the new TTL version 6146 out for the G6 by the time I leave for Roatan (Oct. 8th) for 2 months time period I need to get the 6145 I suppose. Maybe someone that has the G6 and isn't diving for a few months who wants the new housing will sell me their 6145 for a good price.
  8. I have one on backorder from Dell but am thinking about canceling. There is still no indication of a housing being made. Panasonic announced a really cool LX1 camera that would be nice. I like to shoot video underwater as well and it's widescreen which I love. But the wuestion of the housing still is there...
  9. I recently purchased a Canon G6 hoping the camera housing from Ikelite would be ready before I head back to Roatan. It does not look like it will. Anyone have an y inforation on that which leads to my next question... Panasonic announced a widescreen Limux DMC LX1 recently that looks like a real nice camera with 8 MP and widescreen 30 fps video with manual controls (yes I know it won't synch the flash). Anyone build housings for Panasonic. They seem to not even be spoken about anywhere in the underwater world. Is that for good reason?
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