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  1. Hi, Would you be interested in selling the strobes separately? Cheers, Rohan
  2. I'd consider it if you would ship to Australia?
  3. I'm interested, have you sold them yet? Cheers
  4. Have you sold these or are they still available? Cheers!
  5. Hi Paul, Sorry I should delete this now, I got the other couple of things from the jrgarber who is selling me the housing! Thankyou anyway! Rohan
  6. If you'd sell to Australia I'd buy it!?
  7. 6871.03 - Ikelite underwater housing for Canon 5D Mark III 5510.35 - Modular Flat Front Port (with neoprene cover) 5510.11 - Port Body (for Tokina 10-17 mm lens and others) 5509.28 - Zoom Gear Set If anyone has any of the following items I'm slowly trying to get an underwater setup together. Cheers!
  8. Please PM me a price for the Tokina 10-17mm wide angle lens, together with the 100mm macro, please and thankyou.
  9. Can you please PM me prices and pics of the following? Tokina 10-17mm fisheye lens the glass modular flat port and port body with canon 100mm macro lens ikelite pro 2800 video light with flex arm and charger ikelite strobe arms and strobe sync cord. floats for the arms Thankyou, Rohan
  10. Do you still have the housing and macro port? PM me please, thankyou!
  11. have you sold the 100mm lens? or the 17-40mm lens?
  12. Is this still for sale? and what's the part no. for the 8 inch dome? Is it #18405?
  13. Hi Richard, I'd like to buy all the stuff that's to do with the housing as I have my own Canon 5D Markiii. I'd like the housing, strobes and all the ports, the 100mm lens and the 16-35mm and possibly some other stuff but I'm not sure if you're willing to separate stuff. Be great if I had a ball park figure too to work with. Thanks!
  14. Hi, I'm sorry I'm not certain I replied to the correct person, I've only just joined the site. I'm wondering if you would sell without the camera. Thankyou :-) Paddymelon
  15. Hi can you please email me I'm really interested in this and wondering if you would sell it without the 5Dmark2 camera. I'd really just like to buy just the housing. Thankyou :-)
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