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  1. Lowered price to !000.00 for everything. Or best offer!
  2. I recently upgraded to a D90 in a Nauticam housing so this system is up for sale. D70 with 2 batteries and charger D70 Ikelite housing TTL 8" Dome port with shade and cover 6' Dome port 105 with manual focus port 105vr port 60 macro port Focus gear for 12-24mm lense Ikelite arms Pelican case All in very good shape, I have used this set-up the past 5 years and have never had any problems and never been flooded!!! Asking $1200.00 , will send pictures if interested Thanks
  3. So we head to La Paz in less than 3 weeks. I have never been. We are going to dive with the baby sea lions. Not sure how many dives. I have a new D90 set-up in and Nauticam housing with dual SB-105 strobes. For wide angle I will be using the 12-24mm. I have not shot in shallow water in a fast environment like this probably since sting ray city in 2006. But what I am looking for is any tips on settings on camera or strobes on or off, or maybe 1/4 power for fill light. I normally shoot in manual, but I think in Cayman I shoot in shutter priorty for the sting rays. Any insight would be great! I just don't want to come back with backscatter or missed shots!! Thanks
  4. Just got back from Bonaire and I am a little disappointed in my macro and fish shots. I still can not seem to get those WOW shots with the black backgrounds! Is this something I might be able to do in lightroom? Or more on the camera settings when shot? I used a fast shutter of 1/200 to sync my D90 with my strobes and went with a aperature of f22 or even f29. I thought that was the way to go but I have not dove in 15 months!!!! Any help would be great! We head to La Paz in October, maybe then I can get it right!!!
  5. Well it looks like I have to get a new dome for the D90 Nauticam housing I picked up. My OLD Ikelite is not going to work. So moving forward I decided to get a Nauticam. Anyway I have several options. I currently have a Nikon 12-24 I have always used. I am thinking I will be getting a Tokina 10-17mm lense. OPTIONS: 1. Zen 200 Nautican 8" dome with the 50mm extension and get a 20 extension for the 10-17. 2. Acylic 8" dome with the same extensions 3. Zen 100 to use with the 10-17, will not be able to use the 12-24. These are the options being presented to me. I am going to La Paz in October to shoot the pups and would like the best set-up. But cost is a factor. If anybody has any ideas what set-up would work best, please let me know. We are heading to Bonaire on the 24th, would like to practice with the complete set-up but I might just be shooting macro! Thanks for any info!
  6. Alex, So If I want to use my 12-24 now and get the 10-17 I should just go with the 8.5 fisheye port, is that glass or acrylic? And is there a big difference in glass or acrylic other than price? Would I need an extension for the 12-24 lense? Thanks Michael
  7. I recently picked up a D90 and Nauticam housing, about 1 year old, excellant condition. I have a Ikelite 8" dome port about 5 years old, I am told that I can get an adapter for it. Does anyone have any exoerience with doing this? IS it worth it? Or I could get a nauticam wide angle port, but checking around I see there is more than one to choose from, any recomendations for a Nauticam wide angle dome? I presently use a Nikon 12-24mm lense , but down the road I may get a 10-17mm so I would want to be able to use both is I am going to spend that much coin on a new dome. Thanks for any info! So far I love the new set-up just have to work the kinks out. Leave for Boniare on the 24th!!!
  8. I am getting a D90 and Nauticam housing. A upgrade over my D70 and Ikelite housing. I have always shot in manual using SB-105 strobes. My question is with all I have to buy for the new set-up can I save some money and use my strobes without buying new ones? If so, what sync cords would I need? Thanks for any info!
  9. I have an ikelite D70m housing, 105vr port, 105port,60mm port, 6" dome port, 2 SB 105 strobes. All sync cords. I have always shot in manual with this system, no TTL. I am upgrading to new camera and system. I also have a D70 body if interested. Pelican case included. Will take pic's and anything else you want. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks
  10. Camera has been SOLD!!!
  11. Bought this camera from B&H on 4/1/2007. It comes with the original box , battery & charger, cords, neck strap, software, manuals. Just had it serviced and cleaned by Nikon in November '07. It has no stratches or shows no signs of use. It has about 3500 clicks on it. I am asking $800.00 or BO, buyer pays shipping and insurance. I absolutely love this camera but with an upcoming trip to Italy, I am looking to upgrade to a D300 for better low light situations. Thanks
  12. Price dropped to 1100.00us This is last attempt till I list on E-Bay. Would like to sell as a package, but would consider selling ports separate. Thanks
  13. Price dropped to $1200.00 or BO for housing, ports, arms & clamps!
  14. You are correct I am in the States. Are you interested in the strobes too? Or just the housing and ports?I would need to know for postage.]
  15. Looking to upgrade to a D300 and housing. I have decided to sell my complete Ikelite housing, ports and Ike arms. I have used this system for about 100 dives. Was serviced by Ikelite about a year ago. Never been flooded, excellent condition. Would like to sell as a package but would entertain offers for each piece. Ike D70 Housing 6807.1 6"dome 5503.55, for Nikon 18-70 lense 8" dome w/shade 5510.22, for Nikon 12-24 lense 60 mm flat port 5502.41 105 w/manual focus port 5508.05 105vr port 5505.46 Ikelite arms, ev manual controller for Ike strobes 1500.00 takes all the above. Would include D70 with battery and charger and the original box and manuals for extra cost, if buyer needs camera too!! Also, I have always used this housing in manual as my strobes are SB-105's, would include them also with single and dual sync cords for $800.00. They do not work with TTL so thats why they are an extra if interested.
  16. Same poser from last weeks Ni'ihau trip off of Kauai. This guy was quite the HAM as I got about 20 shots of him At point he was moonwalking on his tail I shot with a 12-24 @ 12mm and was right on top of him, he had to see his reflection on my dome port, so maybe he was showing off. He was a big boy , so I am glad he was very friendly!
  17. Well I took the plunge and bought a D200. Currently use a D70 & Ike housing with dual SB-105 strobes. Lens are 60mm, 105vr, 12-24mm all Nikon. 3 different ports from Ike. After going to Beneath the Sea couple of weeks ago looked at a couple of housings for the D200. I really liked the Aquatica, looked and felt great, I can get a discount through my instructors so I am seriously leaning this way, they also said to use my Sb-105s to they burn up or I can go for inon Z240's which they recomended. Does anybody use this camera and housing set-up? And how do you like it? Also, looked at Subal very sweet but also very pricey compared to Aquatica. Is it really worth that much more? Living in NJ, I really only use this U/W set-up for travel about 3-4 weeks a year so that takes in effect. I would rather spend the extra money on another trip or another D200 as a back-up. Have booked Bonaire for end of May, probably will still use the D70 & Ike for that trip. Also have booked Lembeh for 2 weeks in Sept. hoping to have the D200 housed by then and can hand the D70 to my dive buddy and girlfriend Thanks for any thoughts!
  18. Ok here it is ,I booked Lembeh for 2 weeks in Sept. B) I also am going to Bonaire end of May as a warm up for Lembeh. I just bought a Nikon 105vr for Lembeh and want to practice. I currently also own a 60macro and the 12-24mm all Nikon. My question is do I need all 3 lenses for Lembeh? We are going to stay at Manado for the first 3 days and I heard there is some wide angle. Also, is there any other reason to bring the 12-24 to Bonaire other than the hooker? with all these weight restrictions I just want to bring what I will shoot. I am currently using a D70 in an Ike with dual SB-105 strobes,and 2 macro ports plus an 8"dome, so that takes up a lot of space. Also, I have just bought a Nikon D200 , which I will be bring for topside use to both places! So I have some stuff to cart. Just looking for a little feedback on lens choice for these destinations and what I would be shooting. Thanks in advance for any thoughts!
  19. Very nice images, see you like cleaners!
  20. Just a few shots from our Mike & Mike week back in June. Winter is getting old here in NJ, so I am re-living the Caymans B) D70 first trip U/W, Ike housing, 1-SB-105 strobe, 12-24mm, 60 macro lenses Comments & critique welcome!
  21. I discovered that with this set-up I do not get proper sync and since I shoot in manual the strobes were getting screwes up with the ROC in the the ITTL Ike housing, my quick fix was to tape 3 of the 5 contacts on the sync cord going to the hot shoe of my D70. It seems to work fine, Ike does not make a 2 pin cord for manual use with SB-105 strobes. I was wondering is there anyone out there that has had the same problem? I contacted Ike and they said send it in and we will disconect the ITTL wires you do not need, they can be re-connected later if you want to use TTL strobe,ie DS-125's. I was taught in a workshop that TTL does not really work that great U/W and to shoot manual, which I have the past year. Is it worth it to send in my housing and have this disconnect done? Or should I continue doing my little tape job, which like I said seems fine,I have done an exposure test with it for my strobe chart. Any thoughts or ideas greatly appreciated! Someday I plan to upgrade to D200, Subal and Ion strobes B)
  22. I currently post from a year old Dell laptop, its not the easiest thing to do, get feedback that pic's are too dark. So, my desktop is a 8year Dell with windows 98se, can not run CS2 on it way to slow to do any editing! I am in the market for a new one, I do have a nice 19" flatscreen from Dell for a monitor, so I may not need one. I did a Mike & Mike Cayman Aggressor photo week and they are Mac cult followers and have been preaching GO MAC! So my question is what are most of you using and why? I have gotten back say stay away from Dell ( I have personally never had a problem), or get a HP, which I know absolutely nothing about! Or do I make the switch now and go MAC! I could still use the Dell laptop for travel and replace it with a Mac down the road. My budget would like to be under 2grand, but I speced out a Mac and it was around 3 grand. I would go this high if MAC stands head and shoulders above everyone else. I do not want to go too cheap and get something that is useless in 2 years. Thanks for any advice
  23. I bought the whole Ike D70 set-up from Frinks in Key Largo 2 Labor day weekends ago. The system was used once for his week long class, then the seller upgraded to Seacam. Anyway I am looking to sell the... 6" dome port with cover 105 port with manual focus and cover manual controller with sync cord I have never used any of the above parts, since I bought the new 8" dome port and 60 macro port. Now looking for the 105vr port. Let me know, before I list on Ebay. Make me an offer Thanks
  24. Taken last month in Cayman on the Aggressor photo week with Mike & Mike. D70, 60macro, Ike housing, SB-105 strobe, manual exposure 1/60th@ f22 CS2-levels, unsharp mask, no crop Any advice welcome!
  25. Back from my Cayman Aggressor photo workshop. We had a great week and learned a lot of stuff. Once again I want to Thank Mike & Mike for a great and fun week! Now that I have all my NEFs on my laptop and backed up tp my external hardrive. I want to edit the ones I think are worth it and put together a slide show. I have Nikon Capture and CS2 for software. I ahve studied the book " Photoshop for Nature Photographers" by Anon & Gray. Which has been very useful. But I am looking for a simple way to edit my underwater pic's. is there some articles online or a book out there that is dedicated for underwater photography? I an very much a novice with CS2, but I can do the basics, I just want to make sure I don't screw up my RAW files Thanks for any advice!
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