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  1. Does anyone know of an adapter to use Aquatica ports on a Nexus housing ? Thanks for your advice !
  2. Hi Jeff I'm not sure why no one has replied ? In general a video light won't have as much power as a strobe but is better than nothing. The Sony video light is usually more expensive than other brands. I used a Hartenberger Mini Compact video light years ago with a Sony P9, it works GREAT now as a torch for night dives and I occasionally use it to help my D70 focus in low light. I'd say go for something other than the Sony and you'll be able to use it as a torch later. As far as which strobe will work well with your W7 I'm not sure. Someone care to comment ? Regards Brad
  3. Anyone suggest a good place to get a +4 diopter for a reasonable price What brand do you recommend, Hoya ?
  4. Hi Timo JUst curious why you decided to go for a D70 instead of housing your D100 ?
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