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  1. New prices: - Only housing : 350€ * - Wide angle dome: 90€ * - Macro dome: 90€ * - Full set: 450€ * * plus shipping
  2. Canon EFS 60mm lens With lack of use, no fungus, and perfect condition. UV filter is included (I never remove it, to protect the lens). Asking price: 250€ + shipping
  3. I'm selling Ikelite housing for Canon 500D with dome ports for wide angle and macro. Never had any leaks. Besides some minor scratches, the tray is without ink. Nothing that affects the quality of the photos. Also it's hard to push one of the TTL buttons, probably because of the lack of use. Since it's not used for almost a year, I recommend an Ikelite maintenance. In Portugal there is no support for Ikelite and that's the reason I didn't do that myself. Housing: 6871.50 Wide angle dome: 5503.50 Macro dome: 5502 Selling reason: Upgrade to full frame. Selling for: - Only housing : 420€ * - Wide angle dome: 90€ * - Macro dome: 90€ * - Full set: 550€ * * plus shipping
  4. Canon EFS 60mm USM f/2.8 Fully working, perfect conditions, no fungus. Asking 260 EUR, plus shipping from Portugal.
  5. All items were sold.
  6. Still available. Price 40 eur + shipping
  7. One is sold. Still available: - DS125 with screw adapter - Smartcharger - Also will include an arm for that strobe and a clamp Price: 300EUR + shipping from Portugal.
  8. 2 Ikelite DS125 strobes Both with serial number higher than 5000 (mandatory to use TTL in some camera housings) Asking 300 EUR for each + shipping from Portugal. Reason to sell: Bought 2x DS160.
  9. Ikelite to Ikelite Sync Cord Asking 50EUR + shipping from Portugal
  10. No need anymore. Topic can be closed.
  11. Oui, je suis au Portugal
  12. Looking for 2 strobe arms, like Ikelite SA-100, ULCS, or similar. I prefer to buy in EU countries because of duty fees. Thanks.
  13. Selling Nikonos to Ikelite sync cord. Asking for 45 EUR + shipping costs. Shipping from Portugal.
  14. Hi! I'm very interested too. Also might be interested in the flat port of your other post, if you combine shipping. I'm from Portugal. Please send me a PM. Best regards
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