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    Sea and Sea MDX-d7100
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    Sea&Sea YS-D1's
  1. I would like to buy it. Thank you- Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I love the one I use, but don't need this new one as a spare so: Selling for $150: New-in-Box Backscatter AirLock Underwater Housing Vacuum and Port Lock System Free First Class shipping anywhere in the USA. Retail Price is $324. *Please note* that if your housing doesn't all ready have a Backscatter housing bulkhead, you will need to buy one (cost is $75 from Backscatter)
  3. Thanks very much, AZ! My usual lenses are for macro: Nikkor 60mm or 105mm and I use a focus light ( often dark at depth around Seattle ). Haven't heard back from Backscatter yet about housing modification for D7200, but I added a dab of Aquaseal to the rubber tip on the Mode Dial Lock Button rod and it seems to work- if I ever need to change exposure mode underwater. I use Manual, but want to see if 'Auto' with "TTL" flash would work at all in the dark water here. Also, haven't tried wide angle, but have a Tokina 10-17mm and Sigma 10-20....
  4. Thank-you, AZ. I phoned Backscatter and they are going to ask their technical staff. I want to switch to the D7200 because of reportedly better low-light auto-focus, and faster focus: both of which will come in handy here in the dark Pacific Northwest. Did you find that the D7200 was an improvement over the D7100?
  5. Mode Dial on D7200 won't turn when it is in the MDX D7100 housing, noted by Sea&Sea below. Wondering if anyone has had the modification done, or done it themselves (and what was done)
  6. I have an older MDX-d7100 housing and a ‘modification’ is needed for it to work with a d7200. Has to do with mode dial lock button. Do you know what the modification is? And is it something that can be done DIY, without sending it to Sea&Sea or Backscatter? Thanks- David
  7. Would like to buy. PM sent. Thank you
  8. Good afternoon- I dive with prescription bifocal mask and can see my computer, etc well underwater. Just got a Sea & Sea MDX-d7100 housing. If the d7100 camera's viewfinder diopter is set so that image and data are sharp on land, will that same setting be good underwater? Is it something I should check underwater in a pool or lake before taking it on a dive? ( I am asking because the diopter adjustment can't be changed when the camera is in the housing ) Thanks for you help! David
  9. I mistakenly bought the M77 port holder instead of an M67. It will work on a 67mm port thread if you I use a step-up adapter. They are about $10 on eBay, etc. One is Goja 67-77 MM Step Up Adapter. https://m.ebay.com/itm/Goja-67-77MM-Step-Up-Adapter-Ring-67MM-Lens-to-77MM-Accessory-Premium-NEW-/272792395073
  10. Looking for a "Type 2" Sea&Sea bulkhead connector for Backscatter AirLock / Wahoo HD monitor: http://backscatter.zgcollective.com/Backscatter-AirLock-and-Wahoo-Bulkhead-Sea-and-Sea_2 This screws into the Sea&Sea housing (as opposed to the "Type 1" style which is held in by a retaining ring clip.) Please let me know if you have one for sale. Thank you. David R. Seattle WA
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