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  1. OK, It is official , I am lowering the price for the whole system to $750. It's a bargain being brand new.
  2. According to Ikelite setting suggestions is "one shot".
  3. I might be wrong, but have you tried a diffuser? Ram
  4. Are you using your strobe with those shots? Are you on live view? Is your smile detector on? Ram
  5. OK Bart, I'll let you know how it goes. Ram
  6. You are right Tom_Kline, but I also got a mail from Ikelite saying that their "TTL" does work with e-TTL II, with Canons and Nikons and keep the protocols simply “TTL” for ease in explanation. Ram
  7. I have placed an item for sale on your classified section, and I would like get advice on what is the best and safest way to do the payment transaction for both buyer and seller and delivery associated with it. In other words that the seller is sure he will receive payment and buyer will get item delivered. Thanks Ram
  8. Hi Bart, I am not a business, just a private seller, but I can give you a document stating price. Also $ 600 is too low. I'm sorry. Best I can do is $750 and you pay for delivery. Thanks for your interest anyway. Ram
  9. I have been reading about the flash systems and I am a bit confused. May be somebody can clarify it for me. The strobes in the market, for example Ikelites, say that they are TTL compatible, yet there are TTL, a-TTL, e-TTL, and e-TTL II systems. So, does it mean that these TTL strobes only work with the original TTL system ( designed for film cameras),or they also include the newer e-TTL and e-TTL II? In other words, by saying they are TTL compatible they are generalizing to include the newer systems? Thanks
  10. Hi, I just got an Equinox housing for the EOS 600D. Other circumstances are forcing me to sell it. Never used, it has the bulkhead for strobe if you want, and some extra brackets for attaching video or strobe arms. The whole thing cost me 1200 US and I am willing to let it go for $850. I think it would be perfect for your situation, this way you keep an amazing DSLR in a great housing which you can add up other toys in future. I placed a topic with pictures in the for sale portion of this site. http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=53517
  11. For sale: Equinox Housing for Canon EOS 600D T3i, with flash bulkhead and brackets for strobe and video arms. Brand new, never used. Other priorities interfere. (brand new $949 + 200 for strobe bulkhead and brackets) asking $850.
  12. Hello, I am also new to the site and underwater photography. I have been scuba diving for many decades and love the combination of diving/adventure/photo and art. Cheers everybody.
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